Monday, September 10, 2012

24 Weeks

24 Weeks! Definitely a little vol in there! : )

At my last appointment, Sawyer was doing great, and I got a good report as well! Everything is on track. Weight gain to date for me is 14lbs. Not too shabby, I don't guess. Next month we do our glucose test (which I am not looking forward to) and after that we start seeing the doctor twice a month! Time is flying by and it's completely crazy. I got some more work done on Sawyer's room last weekend. The crib has sheets and a bumper, things we've been collecting have been washed and put away. Next I need to hang some shelves and get the rest of the pieces assembled before our baby shower on October 27th! Crazy, crazy!

I am really feeling the kicks more and more these days. They don't only come at night anymore. They happen all day long and sometimes they wake me up early in the morning. My skin is finally starting to clear up a little but I am having more heartburn. My doctor upped the heartburn meds last Friday, so hopefully that will help some! I've started thinking more and more about what Sawyer will look like, what his personality will be like and most of all, what kind of little person he will be! Very exciting things to come, and I feel blessed beyond measure. Mark and I have found new appreciation for one another as well. Our love continues to grow and strengthen in ways I never thought possible or could have imagined. He has truly been amazing. He also caught some new "Heather's Crying Again" footage, this time at the UT game! National anthems always get me. : ) That's all for now, I think. Love and blessings to everyone!
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