Monday, August 30, 2010


It's been nearly a full week since a van crashed into the shop. ..and I still don't know what to say about it, but I'm going to try...

 There are the things I've been saying..."I'm so glad everyone is going to be OK...I love those ladies with all my heart...I hope Mrs. Brooks gets better soon...We're praying for the families of everyone involved...The driver of the van and his wife....I hope they are going to be alright...." There are the things other people are saying..."Thank God everyone is alright!....That's the craziest thing I've ever heard!.... and my personal favorite...What the hell?!?!"

For the most part, I guess everyone is managing. Everyone except Amy and Ms. Brooks have been released from the hospital...and barring any complications..(everyone- let's collectively knock on wood, shall we?) should make good recoveries. I pray for each of them...I've been praying for patience, strength, guidance and swift healing...Seeing these women struggle to do the easiest of tasks is the hardest part of it all. Feeling their frustration and pain is devastating.

The biggest lesson I have learned is that life is so precious. In the blink of an eye, it can be gone...but sometimes, you get that second chance. That chance is so awesome, so much bigger than you are, it's nearly breathtaking....and nothing actually happened to me. Please continue to pray for each and every one of these people and their families...they need it so much.

If you feel inclined to make a donation, there is a fund set up at ORNL in Kingston, and we're having a road block on Friday before the first Kingston home game, too.

My love to all of you.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010


My list of 100 things is moving right along this week! Today, I finished Exodus.

What happened: (in my own words)
The King of Egypt unfairly has Moses and his people making bricks without giving them straw. He also makes the midwives kill any males born to the Israelites. When this doesn't work, he tells them to put them in the river. Eventually, Moses leads the people out of Egypt to Mount Sinai. It is here they receive their laws, (Ten Commandments) and the enter into a covenant. Instructions are given on how to set up the Lord's Tent, and they do so accordingly. From that time on the Lord guided his people's travels.

Of Interest:
The Ten Commandments
The Burning Bush

Favorite Scripture:
Exodus Chapter 3 Verse 12
God replied, " I will be with you."

That's all for today! Tomorrow I start Leviticus.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


One of the things from my list of 100 things was to read the Bible. Well, I've started! I just finished up Genesis last night.... I am sure many of you have already read the Bible in it's entirety, so these posts may be a little boring for you.. I guess I will just be summarizing what I have read and I think I am going to include a favorite passage of scripture as well.

What Happened: (in my own words)

God creates the Heavens and the Earth, the sun and the moon, the ocean animals, man and so forth in 6 days and rests on the seventh day. He uses man as the ruler over the earth, but man proves dishonest(see Adam and Eve) and he destroys everything except Noah and his family (who has proven good) and all of the animals on the Ark in a great flood. Noah's descendant Abraham is chosen leader of God's people. His son Issac and his grandson Jacob are promised great futures and many descendants.


I had no idea so many of the bible stories I heard as a child were in Genesis! Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, Noah's Ark and Joseph and his coat of many colors- just to name a few!

Favorite scripture:

Genesis 2, Chapter 23:
and the man exclaimed,

"Here is someone like me!
She is part of my body,
my own flesh and bones.
She came from me, a man.

I started Exodus today and I hopefully will finish it tomorrow. Until then!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


We're still boating.. I just thought I would rub it in!

And there I am in my bathing suit. Whatever. No big Deal, I don't guess. : )

*Beach Boys... a little bit of everything. Happy Weekend!


That's right, children. Four years of marriage today...
He's still the one who makes me feel butterflies. Love you, baby!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Much the same

The past four weeks have been some of the toughest I can remember in a very long time. My mind feels as though it has been on the tilt-a-whirl for a few days too many and I am still trying to get my legs about me once again. It's so hard not to be able to talk about something on my blog. It's what this thing is for, and I sort of feel like I am betraying myself by not writing about it. Putting my problems out there for other people to see and hear and relate to is often the most comforting thing, and the thing I look forward to the most. Even when I believe no one is reading it, I am reminded that one day, many years down the road, someone may stumble across this post and completely relate to it.

As I said before, I feel like I am betraying myself not talking about things....however, what has happened recently is not my story to share, and therefore I cannot. It's frustrating to no end, atop a mind that is already shaky. Struggling for answers, hoping each day will be better than the next. Keep my family in your prayers... if you don't mind.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

what would YOU do?

Hypothetically, of course....

What would you do if someone told you you could quit working? Like, yeah, you don't HAVE to work anymore. I realize this doesn't really work for those of you who might be stay at home moms, or a mom who works outside of the home as well as being a momma too... but, let's say you are childless. Or, lets say you are single. what would you DO?

There are 24 hours in a day and lets say you sleep 8 of those.. you have 16 hours left with which you can do whatever it is you like. What would you do? The possibilities are kind of endless.

Yeah. I'm sort of speechless too. I don't know! When posed with this question there were a lot of things that came to mind. Honestly, there were a lot of what ifs, in there too. School was a thought. Along with hacking away at my list of 100 things. Having kids came to mind.

Sound off.

What would YOU do/?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My favorite 'Blanche' moment

As I Type....

Mark is next door "playing slurs." What might you ask are slurs? Well, folks, I'm here to define all things geeky for you. Slurs are notes that are played without separation. Marks revisiting his high school band days by playing warm up tunes with the freshman next door. It's absolutely adorable.

Just sayin'.

Monday, August 9, 2010

july's loves (the belated version)

1. spending time with Ryan
2. katy perry (i have no shame.)
3. trail mix
4. new flip flops
5. a good friend finding sobriety
6. mark mowing the yard- and making it look like plaid.  (wtf?)
7. driving a new Camero (there's my inner redneck!)
8. new (and long overdue) closet curtains.
9. TRUEBLOOD-yeah, I'm hooked.
10. one month until I'm at the beach!

It's Monday- go drink something fruity.

*Katy Perry- California Gurls

Saturday, August 7, 2010

thankful saturday

You know, it's the first morning in a long while that I can remember waking up without cringing. This is due largely in part to me telling my husband he was not allowed to get out of bed unless: 1. the house was on fire (or) 2. He had to pee. So, we slept blissfully until 10:45. And when he finally got up (to pee), I got to lay in bed another few minutes quietly thinking about the coming day. It was sooooo nice.

Just thought I'd share. Happy Saturday.

*Jace Everett- Bad Things

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ye olde school

As we have no pool... we must be inventive of ways to cool off...So I retreated to my you and this is what I came up with....water guns and the handy sprinkler.

He loved it. It kept him entertained for nearly an hour. And of course I had to play a little too....

Of course, here we are.. soaked to the gills... I can't remember when I've had more fun. : )

a very belated birthday post

A very happy birthday to my beautiful sister. Oh, how she deserves it. I'm so proud of you Holl.

Many Happy Returns!!!

oral boards

Mark passed his boards last Thursday! He is now a SR. Tech. Very Fancy! I cannot say how proud I am of him. He studied so hard and did so well. He deserves so much more than this bottle of champagne...but I think it sufficed. I had it waiting on him when he got home.

Champagne was our code word. He would text me after the exam. Champagne was passed, and Jack Daniels was failed. What text did I get? " break out the CHAMPAGNE, baby. Love you." When he got home we drank that entire bottle. Alone. Without cups. And then he went straight to bed.  : ) Poor guy was too tired to party! He made up for it the next night though- with Mexican food and beer and some late night karaoke.

That smile says it all. Love you baby!

newfound respect

It's one thing to read mommy blogs or help out a friend with their child. It a completely different thing to parent. I've had to keep Ryan quite a bit this week and last- Holly has had some health issues to resolve (she's doing great!) and my schedule allowed me to really help out. I can't actually say I have been parenting, but holy Toledo. Taking care of kids is HARD. I am so completely worn out. Pooped. Exhausted. Falling asleep as I write this. TIRED.

My new found respect goes something like this: I have kept my nephew for several days before, just because I wanted to. I was allowed to bring him home spoiled and covered in chocolate. It's hard when you actually have to be a disciplinarian and friend and playmate and poop changer and watcher of all things NEW!, FUN! and EXCITING! and boo boo kisser, and oatmeal maker, and capri sun-straw-inserter and referee and then keep up with all of your daily stuff. None of what's listed above covers house cleaning, husband loving, cooking or even mowing the lawn.

New found respect. That's all I'm saying! - but I wouldn't trade this face for 'nothin!

Love you baby boy!
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