Tuesday, August 3, 2010

oral boards

Mark passed his boards last Thursday! He is now a SR. Tech. Very Fancy! I cannot say how proud I am of him. He studied so hard and did so well. He deserves so much more than this bottle of champagne...but I think it sufficed. I had it waiting on him when he got home.

Champagne was our code word. He would text me after the exam. Champagne was passed, and Jack Daniels was failed. What text did I get? " break out the CHAMPAGNE, baby. Love you." When he got home we drank that entire bottle. Alone. Without cups. And then he went straight to bed.  : ) Poor guy was too tired to party! He made up for it the next night though- with Mexican food and beer and some late night karaoke.

That smile says it all. Love you baby!

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