Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guns and Country

We headed south of the river to do a little target practice. It's one of Marks favorite things to do, and I don't mind indulging him from time to time. We visited a friends house and headed out into their cow pasture to have a little fun. I couldn't help but wonder while I was there, if there had ever been any cow tipping done in this place. The boys had a great time, and when I tired of shooting, I pulled out my book.

That last picture just flat out refused to turn and sit properly, so I guess you'll just have to cock your head sideways to view it properly.

*Cyprus Avenue- Van Morrison

The Greatest Show on Earth

Mark and I took Holly and Ryan to the circus last night! I was filled with joy seeing my sweet nephew have such a great time. His favorite parts were the acrobats and the motorcyclists inside that giant ball-which made me really NERVOUS. : )   My favorite parts were, of course, the elephants. I always cry when I see them. Beauty is moving, I guess. Enjoy...

I'm having leftover funnel cake for breakfast. It's nearly as good as it was last night. Happy Saturday!

*Long Cool Woman- The Hollies

Noises Off

Mark and I went to Roane State's production of Noises Off last week and it was fantastic! We laughed until we were in stitches. It was a wonderful date night for the two of us and since we had already seen the movie, we were so excited to be there! I strongly recommend that you go and check it out. There are two more showings this weekend, so go check it out if you need a great laugh!

*Fireworks- Katie Perry

Thursday, February 17, 2011

having a ball

Wouldn't you just LOVE to be this carefree once again?

*Tears of a Clown- Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guess who's coming to visit?

That's right! This little one is coming to visit tomorrow.

We're gonna go feed the ducks....and maybe write the next chart topping single. It could happen.

*Octopus's Garden- The Beatles


All smiles. Friends don't have to be the same age as you are. Only of the same mind.  -Me.

*Everybody have Fun Tonight -Wang Chung

Cades Cove

While on our trip to the mountains, Mark and I visited Cades Cove. I had never been (can you believe that? A lifetime resident of East Tennessee and I had NEVER been.) and Mark hadn't either. I was totally in my happy place. There weren't a lot of good animal photo opportunities (I believe the bears are hibernating and we were there midday), and I botched the best one I got, but included it anyway. I chock it up to a growing pain. Photography is hard. Especially when you have no idea what you are doing and decide to shoot in manual mode for most of the trip.

Shot 1:

Shot 2, a little closer and done in monochrome.

Depth of field...and some lady getting in my shot.

And lastly, the best animal opportunity, which I botched. A Coyote against the beautiful mountain backdrop. At least I know how I wanted this picture to turn out.. I do plan to see what I can turn it into with photoshop, but I am not holding my breath.

Until next time, shutterbugs.....

* Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Loves

Because of an ultra busy week, I didn't do my usual instalment of the Seven Days of Valentines. I thought in order to repent, I would do Februarys Loves and make a little extra effort this month by mentioning 10 things and adding pictures instead of my usual 10 without pictures.


1. My husband. He is without a doubt the most selfless, caring, funny, considerate and loving man I have ever known. He holds me up when I need him to, he laughs at my dumb jokes and he is my perpetual partner in crime.

2. Ma Familia. They might be crazy, but they certainly are mine. They know me better than most and have endured many a wild and crazy idea or heart torn conversation at three in the morning. What I love about my family most of all, is that they love me too.

3. My kids. I may not have given birth to them, and they are definately covered in hair. Sometimes they will burp in your face, or sneeze violently while sleeping next to me, but they are mine. And I love them immensley.

4. My friends. These are the people the REALLY know me. (and love me anyway..ha. ) I have so many wonderful friends, it's hard to pick pictures of just a few, but here's tryin'.

5. The Boy. He puts a smile on my face every single time I see him. He is the sweetest, brightest, funniest and lovingest little person I know.

6. Remodeling. For some reason, this brings happiness to my heart....To create something with your own two hands is supremely satisfying.

7. Nature. Really, there's nothing like it. My heart sing when I am enjoying the great outsoors. I feel more complete the more time I spend outdoors...

8. Exercise. There's really nothing like it to get your endorphins going. It's a feel good thing. The only way I know to explain it is to say I don't do it to be fit. I do it to fit my mood.

9. Helping others. This suits me to a tee. Doing for others makes me feel great, and gives me immense sense of purpose. I thrive on it.

10. Lastly, I will say I love myself. Selfish as that may sounds, I have learned the hard way over a longer period of time than I would like to admit, that loving yourself is just as important as loving others. You must have balance. So here's me.....

Signin' out, loves.

*Lady Gaga- Paparazzi

Monday, February 7, 2011


Time gets in the way of working on my list of 100 things. I finally finished reading Leviticus today and I am left with a lot of questions.

What Happened: (in my own words) Leviticus was a book of rules for the commoner, and rituals-mostly for the priests. In a larger sense, the book guided me through what community relationships should be like, from God's point of view. The first several chapters are devoted to God mandating what the priests should do in every situation imaginable. It also dictated how and what they should dress in, what to do if a bullock could not be acquired for a sin offering or any other type of offering, how to become clean when one was unclean, and also the proper way to worship. It looks at dietary mandates and sexual restrictions. This is where a lot of my questions came about. So, I have read and can officially say that the bible says a man must not lie with another man. I have a lot of gay friends. You can see where I am going with this.. It was terribly confusing. My honest thoughts? Well, the bible also says we are not supposed to judge. So that's what I am doing. I leave that up to God. I love my friends. I will not turn my back on them no matter what their sexual orientation happens to be. That said, Leviticus was hard for me to read. It made me feel like I'm not doing some things the way I ought to be.

Of Interest: National Atonement, Homosexuality, Laws

Favorite Scripture: Leviticus Chapter 19 verse 34 : The alien resident who resides as an alien with YOU should become to YOU like a native of YOURS; and you must love him as yourself, for YOU became alien residents in the land of Egypt. (my interpretation: Love thy neighbor as thyself.)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

time on my side

As I get older, I notice time passing more quickly. I sometimes long for the days of my youth when I can distinctly remember thinking, WHEN WILL I BE OLDER? Folks, I believe that time has come. I am older. I am wiser, but I still have so much growing to do. I have somewhat adjusted to not working out of the home and while most days I love my freedom, there are other days, like today, when I feel like I could be so much more productive with my time. For instance, today I have had breakfast, cleaned the house and talked to my mother on the phone. That's pretty much it. I am going to work out in a bit, but really, how productive is that? I need to find some balance. Don't get me wrong. I like not having any specific time to get up in the mornings and the freedom to walk around in my pajamas all day if I want to, but I don't really want to sleep until noon everyday (and I don't) and not brush my teeth until I know company is coming over, either. Balance, I tell you. I know that when I have children (God willing) that a lot of this will change. I am trying to enjoy this time, because like many of the mothers I know, I realize that time will be precious to me when that day of the permanent 3 comes to our home. For anyone that wonders, Mark and I are planning on having children. Quite possibly as soon as next year. We had some insurance issues to work out first, and now we are fast tracking to parenthood, I guess.

There are a few more things I want to do as a married couple before we have kids, and I am also open to suggestions from anyone who reads here to say, "Hey! Heather! Before you have kids, you must go to Mexico!" or "While you are childless, you should probably go ahead and find the cure for cancer. That would help us all out a bunch, OK?" You know... things like that.

Aside from that, I am working on my photography skills. I really want to take a class, as I think that would help me mold something I really enjoy doing into something I am really good at. I've also been working on a few things from my 100 things list. I baked cookies the other day and I am really thinking about tackling the other bathroom before summer gets here. That seems pretty productive...

until next time....

*Time Is on My Side- The Rolling Stones
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