Saturday, January 21, 2012

Prayer Lists

I'm sure it true that about 90% of the people who read this have a facebook. Those of you who don't...where the hell have you been? Crawl out from underneath that rock you call home and get one. It's the wave of the future, people. Anyway...lately, I felt so much pressure from facebook to pray for people. Let me amend that. I feel compelled to pray for people. I've been invited to two prayer groups for a girl I barely know and another for a boy that I have never met. These groups are amazing support systems, and I feel grateful to call myself a part of them...but these groups coupled with all of the problems my family and friends are having are making my prayer list and my heart very, very heavy. Do you ever feel that way? Heavy hearted? And when someone you know on Facebook (or whatever media site you frequent) posts a request for prayers or a problem they are having and you post that you will be praying or lifting them you always do it? I mean that seriously. I have had to start writing down all the people and their problems or ailments to pray for because there are actually too many to remember. I tried for a while to get through them in my head, just thinking of them, but the list got so long that I was falling asleep during my prayers and that made me feel guilty. Does this happen to you? I spoke to a friend about this and she told me that when she posts to someones status that she is praying that she feels like that is when she lifts that person or problem up.

What do you do?

Here's what my list looks like at the moment...(I will protect the folks who's prayer needs aren't especially public by omitting last names...

Rachel Ruppe, in a car accident
Caleb Wilson, in a car accident
Jenny - safe pregnancy
Mandy- safe pregnancy
H.- peace and happiness and health
Grandparents- health and peace
Wayne- happiness
Christin- peace and health
EmiB- stepdad, son, family
EmiG- husband traveling with job
B.O.- dad, peace, stress relief
Brothers- direction and guidance

And these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head..there are many more. And then of course I pray for the things I am thankful for.

It's a little overwhelming, but God never puts more on us than what we can handle...

I just wish he didn't trust me so much.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ryan and Mater

My favorite shortstack came to stay the night with us this weekend. That boy sure does make me happy. You know, he really is the most sweet and caring, thoughtful little boy I know. He's more than happy. He's a delight to be around.

We watched Cars 2 about four times. We played "cars" while we watched Cars 2. We ate Spaghetti and then I blew up the air mattress for him to sleep on in our room. You might have thought I had told him we were going to Disney. We just squealed! And then he fetched his Tow Mater Pillow from upstairs and requested to watch Cars 2 again.  He slept in and woke up asking for toast and Oatmeal and Cars 2.

I now know that if I am ever on a game sure where the million dollar question is "Who is Lightning McQueen's best friend?" I'm gonna get the million, with TOW MATER. : )  Here are a few pictures. Even Bruiser played along...Enjoy!

Love this little boy with all my heart.... as he likes to say, "we have the Most fun!"

Bird Brain

This hunting season has been the slowest one yet. The weather just hasn't been cold enough up north to drive the birds down, so we haven't seen a lot. It hasn't kept me from taking awesome photos though, which makes getting up at 4 or 5AM totally worth it.

When you're out in the dark this early in the morning, you're able to watch the sun rise. You feel the temperature rise. You watch the animals in their element. You have solitude. Time to not think about your worries of the world. I feel closer to God this way. I feel closer to myself. I ignore the cold, I ignore everything that bothers me. I am at peace, not only with myself, but with everything around me. Good is so good.

I encourage each and everyone of you to find the thing in your life that gives you this.

2012, bitches

In an effort to keep 2012 chill and drama free, Mark and I celebrated with just two of our good friends this year. OK, that's not really true. We're just old and decided we weren't partying this year. : )
What you see is what you get. Beth and I finally got a great picture of the two of us together. Mission accomplished.

Bill gave Mark a break and DJ'd the little party for us.

We drank champagne out of solo cups to keep things classy.

Mark made Black and Red's for himself and Bill.

And I continued my love for all things Lady Gaga.

No resolutions made this year, so I feel like I am already ahead of the game to not disappoint myself. Happy New Year, nuggets.
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