Friday, January 30, 2009

Freaking Louse..

So, a lady came into the shop today asking for advice on Lice. Yick. My head has been itching all day at the thought. Gross! Anyway, no one except for me freaked out. Is this something they learned in Beauty School? Perhaps. Me? I was all, Oh my God, the world is coming to an end. After the lady got her advice, (go home, comb everyone in the family's hair, Wash and spray bedding, couches, car seats, etc. and Put stuffed animals into a trash bag for two weeks) I got the skinny on Lice. They are very small and travel quickly. They multiply even more quickly. The best thing to do if you have them is to disinfect your entire house and family. Notify friends who have been in contact within 72 hours of initial Lice discovery.

Do you remember when kids our age got Lice at school? They lined everyone up and then a lady searched through your head when you got to the office. All the while you are praying, Please don't find Lice, please don't find any lice.. If you were clean they sent you back to class. If not, you were sent into a separate room with all the other infected kids. I'm not sure. I never had to go. Ugh. That was one of the most dreaded experiences to go through. It rivals the first trip to the gynecologist. Unpleasant and not something to look forward to.

Excuse me. I need to go wash my hair. Yick.

The verdict is in...

It took me a few days to decide if I liked my recent bookshelf selection, Chuck Palaniuk's Survivor. The answer: Yes. I did. This book is about a man who is one of few survivors in a Creedish Cult Group. He's in on an airplane that has been recently hijacked, and he is telling his story to the black box- which he describes as an orange box. Alas, this all sounds very fueling and exciting, but the book has a very slow, morbid start. Hang in there if you do decide to read this one, because it picks up speed at the end, and turns into a pretty good read.

Next on my list:

A Cure for Dreams by Kaye Gibbons
Charms for the Easy Life, also by Kaye Gibbons
In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez
The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb
A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas by Chuck Klosterman IV

I know, I know. It's a lot. Hopefully, they will all be fantastic and I will breeze right through them. Anyone know of a good series to start? I am all ears. I need a series follow up to this list of randoms.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentines Day with Less Chocolate and More Love

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays in the year. It's not because of the cards and flowers and chocolate- I never get those! It's because it's the one day of the years everyone LOVES each other! I tell all of my friends I love them on a daily basis, but I do have those few, squirmy friends that I usually get the "uh-huh" response back from. Sigh. -But Valentines is the day that everyone is a little more giving of their love.

Anyway, back to my point. I have always loved Valentines Day, even when I was single! I had a pair of red and white checked polyester pants that I paired with a red t-shirt and wore every year in high school. Sadly, outgrew them, (damn that freshman 15!) and was forced to give them back to goodwill. I walked around all day handing out Simpsons Cards and balloons. I really love this day, guys. Seriously.

I hope that whether you are married, single, divorced, single parent, dating or grieving, that your Valentines Day is superb! Here are a few ways I think Valentines Day would be well spent, for anyone! Enjoy!

1. Dedicate a tree to the person you love! (located in England, I believe,) is a great place to find out more information. The cost was in pounds, but you can get one to ten trees for anywhere between 15 and 60 pounds! I think that's pretty good! It's also a great way to show that person who is "going green" that you are paying attention to their priorities!

2. Name a star after someone. The International Star registry can be found at . Star prices start at 19.95 and whats a better way to tell someone how "far out" you think they are? You also get a certificate and a star chart to be able to locate your star in the sky. How romantic would star gazing on Valentines Day be? Pretty Nice.

3. Dealing with Grief this Valentines? Here's a thoughtful suggestion: Go and buy a Children's book on dealing with grief and dedicate it to the memory of your loved one. Then donate it to your public library. It will make you feel good that know a child is hopefully learning how to cope, you, yourself will be coping and you will have made a donation to a library. If that doesn't make you feel better, I suggest you adopt a puppy.

4. Wanna Have some fun this Valentines Day? Go see a drag show. It will be the most fabulous night of your life. Take friends and a camera, if they are allowed.

5. Get a babysitter and take a personal day on Valentines. Love yourself. A Lot.

6. If you want to go the Old Fashioned route, you can always do dinner and a movie. But spice it up a bit. Go somewhere you've never been. And for the movie, see something you BOTH want to watch. This way, if they both suck at least you'll have a funny story to tell later.

7. Send flowers to your favorite single gal. It will make her day. (just make sure you sign the card, you don't want her thinking all day that Mr. Right will be calling later to tell her about dinner reservations.)

8. Make someone elses Valentines Day. Offer to babysit for a couple with a newborn so they can get out of the house.

9. Reenact your first date. This is a great way for guys to get brownie points. Women like that you remember the details. Just make sure you get your information straight. If you do the wrong thing, she won't get it. And this would make for an uncomfortable V-Day convo.

10. (My personal fave) Have a picnic on your living room floor. It works for everyone. If you have a baby and no sitter, just wait until after bedtime. It's cost efficient, because all you will need is some cheap wine, bread, cheese and fruit. If it's a first date, then you earn points for privacy and thoughtfulness. And if you are an old married fart, (like me) then you won't care what you do as long as you are spending time with someone special.



Sunday, January 25, 2009

Naturally, I didn't know.

In 1992, 1595 people were asked in a poll if they, a family member or a close personal family member had a close personal experience with adoption. The response was quite overwhelming. 6 out of every 10 people said that they had been adopted, they had adopted a child or had given a child up for adoption.

Wild! As a child who was adopted, I never realized just how many people have some kind of tie to Adoption in the United States. In some ways it's comforting, to know that there are people out there who share a since of displacement, like myself. It's not that I didn't feel loved, or that I didn't love my parents- my feelings about that are quite the opposite. In fact, I have never wanted to "reach out" and find my biological family or birth parents because I have never felt the need to. Unfortunately, most of the people I have spoken with who have been adopted, share a common feeling of being "orphaned." This feeling is not overwhelming at all, just there. Most had perfectly healthy and normal childhoods, but as adults can't seem to rid themselves of that image where they were saved from Miss Hannigan at the Orphanage. It's not sad, but maybe a little warped.

After a little research on the Internet, I found many links to adoption that surprised me. These included Nature vs Nurture and Heredity vs the Environment. (Which are really the same thing, just phrased differently. A concept that is relatively new to me, Nature vs nurture is basically a question of whether or not our personality traits are based on genetics or our surroundings. I can see how easy it would be to make adopted children the lab rats in this scenario, born to different parents and growing up in household we don't share blood ties to anyone with. Easy marks, that's what we are!

Here is my adopted opinion on Nature vs Nurture. I think both factors bear heavily on the subject. I also don't believe that it can be narrowed down to just one or the other. It could go either way. Example: I grew up in a house where my mother and sister LOVED TO SHOP. I don't like to shop. I just don't have it in my DNA. If the theory of nurture is correct in this situation, then just by living and growing up with these people, I should (in theory) enjoy shopping. ( I realize what a general statement this is, but I am going to continue anyway.) Example #2: I am very even tempered. This is something that MUST be in my DNA, because most of the members of my immediate family are short tempered. They are angered easily. Growing up with them, If the nature argument were true, then I would never lose my temper, but I do on rare occasions, I think they rubbed off on me a little. : )

Just some interesting information I happened to stumble across. I thought I would share.

Friday, January 23, 2009

What a sap. Next thing you know I 'll be dotting my i's with hearts.

I really do love my husband so much. The picture to the right was taken on a drunken night in the G-burg (as we like to call it) and we took about 50 pictures being silly like this. I love the expression on Mark's face! The way he is looking at me with that- you are so silly but I love you anyway, face. I have to say how thankful I am for him though. I'm not sure if it is the way we are able to communicate with each other honestly, or be totally and completely ourselves around each other, but I can honestly say that my relationship with Mark is as close to perfect as I could imagine. Oh sure, we have our spats and arguments like anyone else does, but our rule is simple. We can't go to bed mad. Or sad. Or crying (me). Or bitching (both). Or silent (him). We always have to work it out and end things with an I love you. (I told you this was sappy!) Anyway, tonight I was unfortunately reminded that not all relationships are perfect. -Hell, I'm not saying mine is perfect, but what I do know is this: I am happy. He is happy. That's the thing that counts. And while it may seem like a no brainer, duh, Heather, YES, You are supposed to be happy in a relationship, that seems to slip our minds from time to time I think. Like when we get caught up in the trivial day to day stuff: house renovations, new puppies, job, money, bills, family and finances, that's when that little thought seems to slip away. I am bound and determined to hold onto that thought. Wrap myself around it. Which is why I chose to wrap the text around this photo. So that I won't forget. Honey, if you are reading this, I love you so much... but since I know you aren't I am going to go ahead and let the Internet in on one of your biggest secrets.... that you love me too. As much as I love you.... THAT makes me really happy. See above.

things that piss me off ... read on...

These are in no particular order...

1. When someone feels the need to yell at me when I am trying to help. Decibel level must be
over 85.
2. Fleas/Mosquitoes. Seriously. What is the need for them? To make sure the world is more
disease ridden than it already is? Is that even possible?
3. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink. This makes for a wonderful cleanup the next day.
4. Ladies who don't wrap up their tampon applicators before throwing them in the garbage.
(and no, I don't care if you are in your own home. Just do it, OK?) Geez. No one wants to see
that! Were you born in a barn and then raised by cows?
5. Men who incessantly scratch and/or "rearrange" themselves in public. How would you like it
if I sat around doing that all day? And don't say you'd like it, because the dirty panty jokes
would ensue. I know they would.
6. People who do not adhere to the "good fences make good neighbors" way of living.
7. Homophobes. Get off your horse, cowboy. You've got a lot of learning to do.
8. Racists. See #7.
9. When someone does not show up for an appointment. Even worse, they don't call.
10. When you tell me I drive too slow. Well damn it! I told you to drive and you didn't want
to, so stop complaining!

I'm actually in a pretty good mood, these things just occurred to me and I thought I would share.
What pisses you off? I need feed back.

Because I'm a psychic.

In tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy, (oh yeah, it's going to be one of those posts) we finally got an answer to why Dead Denny has been hanging around for so long. It wasn't because Izzie is crazy (or is it?), it wasn't because he wasn't really dead. No, it's because she's sick. (Here's the I told you, coming in three, two, one...) Holly, I TOLD YOU SHE HAD A BRAIN TUMOR! Producer Shonda Rimes denied this allegation earlier in the year after Katherine Heigel (Izzie) snubbed her award nomination, but now I'm thinking she's just a really good liar.

So is Izzie being killed off for a snub? Pursing more movie deals? There's only one way to find out! So, yep, I'll stay tuned. The next show doesn't air for another two weeks, and it's being linked in with Private Practice that night. Does anyone else hate it when they do that?

Also, where is George? I heard he (TR Knight) was leaving too. I miss 007!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Let me share a story with you... (I remember this very clearly.)

When I was in Kindergarten, a new girl came to my school. Very cute, as I remember her. She had dark pigtails with the little bubble gum pony ends (I was so jealous!), big green eyes, a skinny little frame and she was very tall for Kindergartner. (Like me, I suppose.) Anyway, we were on the black top at recess and some teachers came over and told us all to get into a circle and hold hands. We were going to play Red Rover. As I was standing next to the new girl, I reached out to grab her hand. She jerked hers away quickly saying, 'you wanna hold my hand?" I said "why not? The teachers told us to, and I don't wanna get in trouble. What's the big deal?" The girl stared at me for a moment and then said plain as day, "I'm mixed." To which I replied, "what's that mean?" (Ever the curious one, I was.) She then explained to me that her dad was black and that her mother was white. Which made her "mixed." She also said that that might make me not want to hold her hand. I remember telling her that I didn't understand why someone wouldn't want to hold her hand, that she was nice and that my momma told me that you should be nice to everyone, and to hold my hand, because 1. It didn't bother me at all about her being mixed and 2. I did not want to get in trouble. When I got home and told my mom about what had happened that day at school, she was very happy with my reaction. For a long time I wasn't really sure why...

I am reminded of this story at various times in my life, but especially today...

Tomorrow, at noon, we inaugurate our first African American President. I say "we" because we as a people elected this man, Barack Obama. Weather or not your ballot was cast for him, doesn't really matter. What matters is all that stuff we talked about after 9/11 and the bombing of our beloved Twin Towers. "United we stand, divided we fall." Isn't that all that is supposed to matter? I can honestly say, without shame or remorse that I DID in fact, cast my ballot for Barack Obama. My grandfather has always spoken about keeping your vote a secret, but in this case, I truly am proud to say it loud and say it proud. I (hopefully) am going to help change the course of history, because of my vote. In fact, history is already changing, as we have elected a man who is not white! I think all of us have many African American friends who we feel so privileged to share in this day with. It is my hope that they are as excited to share it with me as I am with them. I am so proud of our country today. I cannot wait until noon to watch the ceremony.

I am going to get champagne, a newspaper and a box of Kleenex. I believe I'll want all three.

Why can't we all have that Kindergarten mentality back, put aside our differences and not get in trouble?

Friday, January 16, 2009

10 ways your animals will tell you how COLD it is:

10. Not even your dogs want to go outside.
9. Their bowls of water are now large chunks of ice.
8. They begin to play with the large chunks of ice, that were once lap fuls of water, busting
them up: all over your porch.
7. Nursing bitches would rather sleep with you instead of their pups.
6. Nursing Bitch tries bringing pups into your room, so you can all sleep together warmly.
5. Leaving the warmth of the floor space next to the heater is no longer an option.
4. Your dog may believe that now is the time for couch privileges, because the hardwood is
rather cool, and has always been "hard".
3. Your dog may get excited at the sound of hot running bath water and decide that they want
one too.
2. Your dog may chew on matches, looking at you with eyes that say, "hint, hint."

and the number one reason I KNOW it's freaking COLD outside:

1. You may find your Siberian Husky with you in bed in the morning. UNDER THE COVERS.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In my face!

I just realized I need to share a little bit about myself with everyone. Here are a few of my favorite accomplishments throughout the years. I do hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

I have met the tin man, the cowardly lion, and the scarecrow. Got my picture made with them, too. The wicked witch isn't as mean as everyone thinks she is.

I was Britney's stand in during that whole, shaved my head thing....poor thing. I'd do it again, sweetie. In a minute! Bless her heart!

The time I spent in Japan, as a geisha. Those were hard times....

The time I spent as a spy in the Miss United States Pageant. So glad I saved that girl!

They rewarded me too!! I was so proud!

Or the day I married my wolverine.... I remember it like it was yesterday....

My love to everyone....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've come undone...

I started Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone last night around 4:00. I finished it today around 5:30. The book is around 350 pages long. Do you think I liked it? Yes, I did. A LOT.
This book is all together one of the BEST books I have ever read in my entire life. (And that's a lot of books!) It follows a girl from childhood, when her parents divorce and her mother is sent to a state mental institution; to her grandma's house where her mother returns not all together well, but much better than when she was sent away. Time passes again and the girl, Delores arrives in adolescence at 257 pounds, self loathing, self destructive and an all together hateful human being. College is not the experience it is supposed to be, and neither is the subsequent marriage or other things that happen down the road. This books' message spoke to me though. It's to be happy with what you have, not what you think or thought you wanted. To not only love, but allow yourself to be loved as well... one of the hard things I have had to overcome (and am still overcoming) in my life.
Encouragement to read this novel is bursting out of me. I will read it to you if you are illiterate, blind or don't enjoy reading. You should seriously make the time.

What's cuter than a basket full of puppies?

A pile of puppies in Mark's arms, that's what! Who doesn't love a cuddle from 3 puppies?

But wait, you were looking for a basket of puppies, right? Well here it is.. These are our little ones, just minutes after their first bath. They were cold, shivering and probably a little pissed off that I was taking their picture, but I just couldn't resist!
As you can see, a basket full of puppies is pretty darn cute. Saturday they hit the 3 week mark, and here they are! A little puppy trivia for you: It's not good to give puppies a bath until they are at least 3 weeks old, and some people will tell you 4 or 5 weeks, just to be safe- because they cannot regulate their own body temp- just like infants! They come out gross and you immediate thought is "oh my God, when I can I wash them off????" But the bitch (a mother dog) will take care of all of that and all of their other needs for you in the first few weeks. No mess (and I do mean tinkle and poo) to clean except the whelping box bottom, daily. So, I used an organic oatmeal puppy shampoo on them because they are winter pups and have to stay inside because of the cold January weather. They didn't really "stink" but they aren't pros at puppy pads yet, so they are still having accidents while sleeping. Which means the pups smell like tinkle. So into the warm bath they went, followed by vigorous drying and cuddle time in a pile on Mark's chest. Believe me when I say, they weren't cold or shivering in the least once he got a hold of them. The four of them (Mark included) fell asleep on the sofa for about two hours, sleeping peacefully until one of them peed on Mark. Sigh. It was only a matter of time before it happened again. Oh well. They were clean for a whopping 2 hours.
Why don't I have a picture of this, you ask? Well, I tried, but when I ran to get the camera, I realized it had died while they were dozing and I was stuck cleaning out the pen.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kate Winslet. Golden Goddess of Love.

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes?? Kate Winslet seems to be one of the most talented, witty and kind actresses we have been graced with in some time. Her look is almost always timeless and she always seems to exude all of the qualities we ourselves hope to be someday. Did I mention I love her?

Her speech was fantastic. She spoke from the heart, thanking all the nominee's in her category Anne, Meryl, Kristen and as she said, "who's the other one?" Angelina! (It was kinda funny because Angelina looked a little pissed at this moment of forgetfulness.) She thanked Richard Yates for writing the novel, the cast, crew, producers, management, etc, etc. And then the men in her life- Leo who was in the film (Revolutionary Road) with her and her husband Sam who directed the film.

She's so sweet, and honest.

The last words of her speech were, My God, Thank you so much!

I can appreciate a lady like her!

January's Loves

The almighty list of things I am currently into:

1. Shining on Mankind, by Central Funktion. (it's reminiscent of Pink Floyd and The Who)
2. Fererro Rondnoir's Fine Dark Chocolates... Mmmm
3. Barack Obama. I want us to be homies.
4. My new Pink Floyd Hoodie. Bargain Buy!
5. Sugar Shoes. They're too cute. What's not to love?
6. Wally Lamb. It's possible he grew up in my house.
7. Stella Artoire. It's good for late nite sillyness.
8. Wii Fit. It's password protected.
9. Remodeling. It's therapeutic.
10. Blogger. I can't seem to shut the hell up.

Parenting outside the box.

Have you heard of the website Well, if you haven't you are missing out! Heather Armstrong is the owner/manager/writer/mother of this website. You may have heard of her before, but in case you haven't, here is what I know. She was the first person to actually get fired from her job over blogging. She was raised here in Tennessee and grew up Mormon. She actually left the Mormon Church and got married to her husband Jon and then they moved to Utah to be closer to family. (I think that's the right order.) She has a daughter and another little one on the way. Anyway, she has one of the most insightful, funny and truth bearing blogs I have ever read. She is frighteningly blunt and honest, but it's really what I love about her the most. She drops F bombs, says GD and is as sarcastic as they come. When I grow up I wanna be just like her.

Anyway, I have been reading her blog for a while now and I think you should too. But be forewarned. It's not for the faint of heart. Like I said, lots of swearing and sarcasm and things like boobs, poop and parenting are all rolled up into one. Me? I love it. If there were an Armstrong Army, I would totally join.

Do books really have worms? I've never noticed...

Good reads! I have spent the majority of my "off" time catching up on my reading and thought I would share the love.

Woman Warrior was the first book I came upon after spouting off my list.
Woman Warrior is a nonfictional memoir by Maxine Hong Kingston. It's divided into 5 separate, but interlinked stories about women and ghosts (not the jump out and scare you kind...) in the writers life. She added elements of fiction to really give each story an elaborate, rich backdrop. (Things like following a bird across a mountaintop into a world where this child grows up only catching glimpses of her family from an old mans cup.) Kingston is Asian American and in the book she tells stories from her own and her mothers point of view. The characters are amazing. There is even a story about a girl who becomes a "warrior" of sort and her mother and father carve the names of those who have wronged them onto her back with a knife. She avenges those evil ones.

The stories, separately, are beautifully woven and I truly enjoyed this read, even though I am not sure how many others might find it as fascinating as I did.

Next, I came upon The Secret Life of Bees. This story is set in South Carolina during the Integration Act. Our main character Lily, lives with her awful father T. Ray and she and her housekeeper Rosaleen, escape possible death and a lifetime of kneeling on grits, after a run in with some of the towns' nastiest racists. They escape to Tiberon, SC. where they are taken in by the marvelous beekeeping Boatwright sisters to discover more about Lily's dead mother and her past there in Tiberon.

This story was inspiring and I would tell anyone who loves a heartwarming, quick read to go out and find it. It's truly an amazing story.

I just started Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone, and I am already loving it. Stay tuned for more book reviews!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ah-Choo! at least I have some funnies while I'm sick.

I really need to preface this post with a picture of my beloved Fatty "Magoo". He doesn't look big here, but I assure you, he is. He has grown since I took this picture. He was 4 months then.

It has been a sneezy couple of days for me around the house. It started on Sunday and is still going strong. On Tuesday I had two appointments scheduled and I had to leave the room twice during the second one because I could not stop sneezing. What a relaxing way to get a massage! My poor client is so good hearted, she tried to force cold pills on me after the session. Bless her heart, if she only knew what sudafed does to my body! Anyway, that night when I came home, I wanted to finish up the office project I have been working on. (we painted the office.) Mark was working on it and asked me if I would go and get dinner for us and Jackson. Sure, Why not?

Somewhere in the haze of my sneezing, I decided to take Magoo (my 65 pound, 8 month old dog) with me. Why I did this, I have no idea, but the story gets really funny at this point. Off we go, to Taco Bell. Magoo is normally a very good, sweet natured dog. He insists on getting his paws up on the console and drooling onto my shoulders as we go along. Fine. It doesn't really matter now anyway because I am covered in sneeze dust and snot because he ate my tissue as soon as we got into the car. I arrive at Taco Bell in one piece and pull up to the window. The conversation went as follows:

Drive Thru Lady: "May I take your order?"

Me: "Yes. I'd like (insert lots of howling and a very strange look on the dogs face) a Grande (more howling) meal and a Mexican (growling) pizza."

DTL: "Excuse me?"

Me: (howling, Barking, whining) "Grande meal... (howl) and a Mexi- (howl) -can pizza. "

DTL: "A Grande Meal and a what?"

Me: "MEXICANPIZZA" (as fast as I can say it and then more howling.)

DTL: "Pull around." (her tone was slightly annoyed)

So I pull around. I guess Magoo was freaking out because there was someone talking to me, but no one was there? I don't know. When I get to the window, the aroma of beef, beans, cheese and sauce hits the mongrel's nose. He is now trying to climb over me and through the window. "Bad dog! Magoo! Get back!" When I finally get out of the drive thru, the entire staff is snickering at me through the window. Oh well, at least they got a laugh out of it.

Well, that's not the end of my story, right after leaving the drive thru, I need to pick up Cokes and water at the gas station. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to leave the Taco Smell in the car, so I decided I was going to lock it in the trunk. Well, the dog, sensing defeat, tried to DIG into my trunk while I was making my purchases. I could see him from inside the store wreaking havoc in my backseat. I come out. Rescue the food (and possibly my backseat) from the trunk. Magoo is so excited that the food was back in the car, crushing me with his hairy crazy ass, I did the only thing I could think of to do after he started mauling me, I beat him into submission with a two liter of Coke.

He was good until we got home. Then he chewed up my shoes. Just for spite, I do believe.

Monday, January 5, 2009

No Alpo for Knox's Picasso

Today, Mark and I ventured over to the Holiday Inn Express off of Cedar Bluff to attend the Annual Starving Artists Sale. The Sale is for artists in Knoxville to get their work out to the public and make a little money in the process. There were TONS of paintings there. The smallest sizes they had were 8x10"s! As I am no Picasso, it is hard for me to say weather or not these paintings were really "good." But I liked them, so I guess that doesn't really matter.

Courtney stayed the night with us last night and as she was leaving this morning she was asking me about the show and if the artists were indeed starving. I told her I wasn't sure, but as all artists who aren't making mega bucks usually are, they probably weren't rolling in dough. To which she replied, "humph." My retort was "perhaps they aren't starving but their dogs are! Maybe they will use this money to buy dog food!" She was still laughing about that when she left. Ha!

Anyway, I found a painting that I LOVED. Of, course as my luck would have it, it was already framed and safely of the arms of it's new owner. I actually tried to talk the woman out of the painting, but had no luck. We also found a painting of the Moulin Rouge, but it just wasn't exactly what I was looking for. They are having another show next weekend, so hopefully I will return and find another one!

No, we didn't buy anything this weekend. Picasso's dog will just have to hold out one more week.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Christmas Tree's name is Charlie Brown. As of now.

Why is it that the "putting up" of the Christmas tree is like a big freaking parade, and taking it down is completely unceremonious? Seriously. I took mine down today and while I was doing it I was thinking, "Where is everyone?" I answered my own question, of course, because there was no one else there to answer it for me. Mark was at work, Jackson was playing video games, Corey was putting together band equipment, (although he did help me carry the tree downstairs) and the dogs were snoozing in the kitchen, barely opening their eyes as I was grunting to pull the heavy pieces apart and shoving cases back into boxes. WTF?

This year when my tree went "up," Mark helped me put it together, the dogs were excited because of all the new smells, (or old, however you want to look at it) Corey watched me, smoking his seasonal cloves and I can't remember what Jackson was doing. The point is, yes, I am going to make one here, is that people were happy it was going up! I took out my "Ethnic Santa"- which I display every year, and we all got a laugh out of how I came by it. ( The story is, my mom bought me a black Santa one year and I thought it was really cool. Years later when I mentioned to her that I still had it, she didn't know what I was talking about. So I showed it to her and do you know what she said? "I thought he had a tan!" My poor mother can be so clueless sometimes. Anyway, she didnt think it was proper to refer to him as black Santa, so I now call him Ethnic Santa. Ha. )

Back to my point. No one cared the tree was going down. Should I have waited for them to be REALLY happy it was going down? Would it have given it more dignity? My poor Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. No one cared about it.

Not even Jack Daniels can fix this.

The Edible Woman, by Margaret Atwood, is all about a woman named Mariam. When we first meet her, she is working for a survey company who does testing on products before they hit the shelves. Mariam ends up engaged and afterwards, she begins having adverse reactions to food. First it's meat, then eggs, veggies, cake and so on. She has a roommate who is completely different than she is. Speaking up, and out of term, basically living her life the way she wants to. Mariam meets a man in the Laundromat who basically forces her to take a good look at her life, her future life in particular, and decide if right now is where she wants to be in 10 years.

The book is set in London in the 60's. The setting itself is what made me think I would love the book, but after I read it, I felt only the following: I wanted to eat the damn book. I thought it was boring. Maybe because we don't live in the same world that Mariam is living in. I didn't really think it was all that well developed either. I had to force it down with several glasses of whiskey, and when I was done, I felt hungover.

Perhaps you can stomach it a little better than I did.

Happy 2009! Damn, I 'm old.

Happy New Year! We rang in the new year in style this year!! Happy 2009!!
This year for New Years Eve, my best friend Courtney invited me, my hubby and his bestie, Andrew up to her parents house for a celebration and a half. We got there a little late. I call it fashionable, Mark calls it rude. We were welcomed by a HUGE spread of spinach and artichoke pinwheels, vegetarian pizza (my personal fave) and lots of other yummy-yummy foods. Naturally, there was a lot of boozing and schmoozing, and Mark and I settled in just fine. Mark got to play the Wii with Steven and Semea, and Andrew was quite the success with little Olivia- she wouldn't let him out of her sight!

We were on Central time, but decided to celebrate with the rest of the eastern seaboard (and all of the friends we had left in the little K, so we were rushing around to get champagne opened and out into the living room to countdown with the rest of the folks. The following is the picture we captured at midnight.... Mark and I are both caught double fisting. He had a Jack and Coke in the hand that you can see and champagne in the other. I had beer in one had and champagne in the other. Obviously, we had a fantastic time!

It's the best I could do -for a kissing picture, with all that booze juggling!! I hope your 2008 was as fun, happy and memory filled as mine was. Here's to a devine 2009!

They should call it the Funktion's Deli. Because they rule.

Every year, at some point, Central Funktion makes it's way to The Prince Deli (Lovell road for those of you who have never been) to play some music. Here is a little post for them and their December 27th gig this year. Fun, fun, fun!

My honey on the keyboards. He loves it, evidently! I never knew!! I really am proud, though!

This picture is a bit dark. Oh well- I TRIED! The Funktion at Prince's deli- I have a great time every time I go there!! I think it must be the seediness of the joint, or something to that effect...I think everyone should make a point to come and see Central Funktion. Their sound has come so far since High School. I can't believe they have been together for that long! They are playing so well and their originals are fantastic!! Check them out at They really are my favorite band. Honest.

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