Friday, January 2, 2009

They should call it the Funktion's Deli. Because they rule.

Every year, at some point, Central Funktion makes it's way to The Prince Deli (Lovell road for those of you who have never been) to play some music. Here is a little post for them and their December 27th gig this year. Fun, fun, fun!

My honey on the keyboards. He loves it, evidently! I never knew!! I really am proud, though!

This picture is a bit dark. Oh well- I TRIED! The Funktion at Prince's deli- I have a great time every time I go there!! I think it must be the seediness of the joint, or something to that effect...I think everyone should make a point to come and see Central Funktion. Their sound has come so far since High School. I can't believe they have been together for that long! They are playing so well and their originals are fantastic!! Check them out at They really are my favorite band. Honest.

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