Monday, January 12, 2009

January's Loves

The almighty list of things I am currently into:

1. Shining on Mankind, by Central Funktion. (it's reminiscent of Pink Floyd and The Who)
2. Fererro Rondnoir's Fine Dark Chocolates... Mmmm
3. Barack Obama. I want us to be homies.
4. My new Pink Floyd Hoodie. Bargain Buy!
5. Sugar Shoes. They're too cute. What's not to love?
6. Wally Lamb. It's possible he grew up in my house.
7. Stella Artoire. It's good for late nite sillyness.
8. Wii Fit. It's password protected.
9. Remodeling. It's therapeutic.
10. Blogger. I can't seem to shut the hell up.

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