Friday, January 16, 2009

10 ways your animals will tell you how COLD it is:

10. Not even your dogs want to go outside.
9. Their bowls of water are now large chunks of ice.
8. They begin to play with the large chunks of ice, that were once lap fuls of water, busting
them up: all over your porch.
7. Nursing bitches would rather sleep with you instead of their pups.
6. Nursing Bitch tries bringing pups into your room, so you can all sleep together warmly.
5. Leaving the warmth of the floor space next to the heater is no longer an option.
4. Your dog may believe that now is the time for couch privileges, because the hardwood is
rather cool, and has always been "hard".
3. Your dog may get excited at the sound of hot running bath water and decide that they want
one too.
2. Your dog may chew on matches, looking at you with eyes that say, "hint, hint."

and the number one reason I KNOW it's freaking COLD outside:

1. You may find your Siberian Husky with you in bed in the morning. UNDER THE COVERS.

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