Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's cuter than a basket full of puppies?

A pile of puppies in Mark's arms, that's what! Who doesn't love a cuddle from 3 puppies?

But wait, you were looking for a basket of puppies, right? Well here it is.. These are our little ones, just minutes after their first bath. They were cold, shivering and probably a little pissed off that I was taking their picture, but I just couldn't resist!
As you can see, a basket full of puppies is pretty darn cute. Saturday they hit the 3 week mark, and here they are! A little puppy trivia for you: It's not good to give puppies a bath until they are at least 3 weeks old, and some people will tell you 4 or 5 weeks, just to be safe- because they cannot regulate their own body temp- just like infants! They come out gross and you immediate thought is "oh my God, when I can I wash them off????" But the bitch (a mother dog) will take care of all of that and all of their other needs for you in the first few weeks. No mess (and I do mean tinkle and poo) to clean except the whelping box bottom, daily. So, I used an organic oatmeal puppy shampoo on them because they are winter pups and have to stay inside because of the cold January weather. They didn't really "stink" but they aren't pros at puppy pads yet, so they are still having accidents while sleeping. Which means the pups smell like tinkle. So into the warm bath they went, followed by vigorous drying and cuddle time in a pile on Mark's chest. Believe me when I say, they weren't cold or shivering in the least once he got a hold of them. The four of them (Mark included) fell asleep on the sofa for about two hours, sleeping peacefully until one of them peed on Mark. Sigh. It was only a matter of time before it happened again. Oh well. They were clean for a whopping 2 hours.
Why don't I have a picture of this, you ask? Well, I tried, but when I ran to get the camera, I realized it had died while they were dozing and I was stuck cleaning out the pen.

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