Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Storm, Shadow and Bob

We have three new, cute and wriggly puppies! They were born a week ago Saturday, which makes them 10 days old today! we have dubbed them as follows: Storm: She came first in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. One so bad, it actually flooded in our basement! Shadow: Shadow is actually Storm's shadow. She wants to be right next to her all the time and she followed quickly after storm in the birth process. They are never far apart. And lastly, Bob. He is our little rebel. He stays on his own, has grown very fat and is very sweet. Bob is also the oddball of the group, being the only pup born at birth who was already brown. Kind of like Bob in "What about Bob?" Ha!

This litter of puppies makes 12 puppies between our two girls, Saber and Bruiser. Which makes a total of 13 dogs that Mark and I have had under our roof at one time or another. (Bruiser is Saber's pup, and Fatty, our other dog, is Bruisers pup from the last litter. )

We LOVE dogs. Can't you tell?

Monday, December 29, 2008

How Heather got her Chucks back

Today, Mark got home from work and I persuaded him to take me out and devalue my Christmas gift cards. In total, I got a Journey's gift card- Oh the joy of Shoes! a Belk gift card, a Borders gift card and one to Ryan's- (odd, because I never eat there, but free food is free food!) Anyway, I was really excited to spend them, and off we went. It was in our original plan to eat at Outback- Mark had a gift card from there, and we were going to spend my cards in the process. We went to Journey's first where I got my Converse All stars. I already have yellow pair that I love, but as black goes with everything except brown, I needed a black pair as well. I haven't had a pair of black chucks since 7th grade. I wore those until there was no tread left on them! I was Pumped! I also got a pair of Sugar shoes which look like Mary Jane's with different colored stars all over them. CUTE! At Belk I got some new "drawers" and at Borders I got Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk and She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. So exciting. Our trip to Outback was postponed because we ate at the new Gatti's in Turkey Creek with Holly and Wayne who just happened to be in the area. Oh the joy of shopping.... : ) Anyway, I got my Chuck's back and I have never been happier!

My Marley.

Today I took my beloved Beth to see Marley and Me for her Birthday. (Her birthday is actually January First, but she's not fond of hungover people celebrating her birthday so she usually opts not to celebrate at all- therefore I took her to the movies a week early.)
Beth had read the book and naturally passed it along to me because I LOVE DOGS. Plain and simple. Anyway, After I read it, (and I LOVVVVVEEEDD it) I heard the movie was coming out, so I decided to take her to see it. Oh it was wonderful. A story about the worlds worst Dog. See the movie, but read the book, too. Its so wonderful and yes. You will cry. If you don't then that means that you have no soul. Plain and simple. Below is a picture of 'my Marley"- Saber. She's been my baby for a long time now and I don't know what I would ever do without her. I love you, boo....

Saber in Daddy's tie. August 25, 2008. My Happy Girl, Shibbs. :)

Must Read: Invisible Strangers

Chuck Palaniuk's Invisible Monsters is about a catwalk model who has it all. Career, boyfriend, friends. She gets into a terrible accident which leaves her terribly disfigured and kind of warped. She meets a "lady" Brandy Alexander, who's One operation shy of actually being a lady. Brandy Teaches her to reinvent herself, forget about her past and make something better up. She ends up trying to get revenge on her best friend and fiance and learning things about Brandy Alexander that she never weanted to know.

This story is FAR from heartwarming. But, if you have warped sense of humor and are the kind of person who can wait it out for a suspenseful ending. You really need to read this. Its only 297 pages long. It took me 3 days to read. (lots of interruptions- dont judge!) Palaniuk also wrote Fight Club, which was made into a movie. Brad Pitt anyone? and Choke. I haven't read either one, but I think I might now.

Next on my reading list:

The Secret Life of Bee's
The Edible Woman
The Woman Warrior
She's Come Undone
The Beetle and The Bard
Eat Pray love
and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

As you can see... I am soooooo Far behind.

The Dirtiest Santa of them all...

Every year, my "Family Friends" have a get together on Christmas and Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving we have regular meal. Complete with Turkey and all the fixins' and then we draw a name for Christmas. The "family" has grown and grown. The first year there were about 12 people in on it and from there, it has grown leaps and bounds. This year, we had 22 people. At Christmas we draw a name a buy for that person. We also bring one other gift and play Dirty Santa. The way we play is you draw numbers (1-22 this year.) The first person goes and opens a present. The second person then opens a present and then decides weather or not he would like the porno that the first person got or the 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon he unwrapped. If he wants the porn, its his. The first person usually gets the shaft on this game. You will know this if you have ever played. The game goes on from there. Each person gets to unwrap a gift and decide what gift he or she wants from that gift or any of the others that have been unwrapped. Thats why its so DIRTY! The last person to go can have any gift they want.

Some people are really mean when they get their Dirty Santa gifts. As mentioned above, there was porn and beer. There was also a vibrator, a copy of Brokeback mountain and some other unmentionables. (Oh yeah- there were worse things than that to unwrap). Others go a more beaten path a wrap things like blankets, t shirts, wine, candles, body sprays, and a Sublime box set. (The sublime box set was stolen three times this year. Very popular!)

I myself ended up with a XXX porn set and a snowman nightlite. (I was THIS close to the bottle of wine and Rachel stole it from me!!)

Oh well. I wont bore you with those pics, darlings. You might be scarred for life!


No Grinch here!

A few of my favorite things......
Holiday Blessings and such......
My original Family. (Minus one). My sister, Me and my Mom. - WE miss you Dad!

First Christmases (Ryan) and many, many Christmases (Gia) ... all in one room...

My honey and the kids. Without whom, I would probably go nuts. I love my little family..

Cousin Bill, who I only see once a year. I miss you, buddy. And I love that you are wearing Converse now. That makes you cooler than you will ever know.

My grandmother. Christmas with her just makes the world right. Isn't she darling?!

Mark and Ken Working on the New Blue Ray DVD Player. Ken was like a little kid! So Happy!

Darlene and Mena in her christmas bow. So sweet. (A much need variation on the usual as far as that dogs behavior goes!)

Ryan and Aunt Hedda opening Christmas gifts. I know the sleeper was boring, kid- but that walker push mower thing looked like lots 'o fun! Love you little man!!
Christmas 2008 with the fam.

Hope your Christmas was as full of wonderful things as mine was!

Greetings from the little K.

In the past, I have tried to create a blog that I thought was appropriate for someone my age. I also found that when I began writing that I was censoring myself quite a bit. Here's the rub. 1. I don't really act my age. I have the soul of a 97 year old woman, which I believe entitles my to say profanities and make not-so tasteful jokes, and 2. I don't censor myself when I talk, so why should I do when when I am writing? It is my goal to try and remedy that. It is my goal to write on this blog they way I want to. Not they way I think anyone else would like to read it. I may come off harsh at times, and sappy at others, but I think I am OK with that. Writing makes me happy, and ultimately, isn't that the goal? This is my first post. Oh, so proud! Look mama! No one is even batting an eye!

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