Monday, December 29, 2008

The Dirtiest Santa of them all...

Every year, my "Family Friends" have a get together on Christmas and Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving we have regular meal. Complete with Turkey and all the fixins' and then we draw a name for Christmas. The "family" has grown and grown. The first year there were about 12 people in on it and from there, it has grown leaps and bounds. This year, we had 22 people. At Christmas we draw a name a buy for that person. We also bring one other gift and play Dirty Santa. The way we play is you draw numbers (1-22 this year.) The first person goes and opens a present. The second person then opens a present and then decides weather or not he would like the porno that the first person got or the 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon he unwrapped. If he wants the porn, its his. The first person usually gets the shaft on this game. You will know this if you have ever played. The game goes on from there. Each person gets to unwrap a gift and decide what gift he or she wants from that gift or any of the others that have been unwrapped. Thats why its so DIRTY! The last person to go can have any gift they want.

Some people are really mean when they get their Dirty Santa gifts. As mentioned above, there was porn and beer. There was also a vibrator, a copy of Brokeback mountain and some other unmentionables. (Oh yeah- there were worse things than that to unwrap). Others go a more beaten path a wrap things like blankets, t shirts, wine, candles, body sprays, and a Sublime box set. (The sublime box set was stolen three times this year. Very popular!)

I myself ended up with a XXX porn set and a snowman nightlite. (I was THIS close to the bottle of wine and Rachel stole it from me!!)

Oh well. I wont bore you with those pics, darlings. You might be scarred for life!


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