Monday, December 29, 2008

No Grinch here!

A few of my favorite things......
Holiday Blessings and such......
My original Family. (Minus one). My sister, Me and my Mom. - WE miss you Dad!

First Christmases (Ryan) and many, many Christmases (Gia) ... all in one room...

My honey and the kids. Without whom, I would probably go nuts. I love my little family..

Cousin Bill, who I only see once a year. I miss you, buddy. And I love that you are wearing Converse now. That makes you cooler than you will ever know.

My grandmother. Christmas with her just makes the world right. Isn't she darling?!

Mark and Ken Working on the New Blue Ray DVD Player. Ken was like a little kid! So Happy!

Darlene and Mena in her christmas bow. So sweet. (A much need variation on the usual as far as that dogs behavior goes!)

Ryan and Aunt Hedda opening Christmas gifts. I know the sleeper was boring, kid- but that walker push mower thing looked like lots 'o fun! Love you little man!!
Christmas 2008 with the fam.

Hope your Christmas was as full of wonderful things as mine was!

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