Monday, December 29, 2008

How Heather got her Chucks back

Today, Mark got home from work and I persuaded him to take me out and devalue my Christmas gift cards. In total, I got a Journey's gift card- Oh the joy of Shoes! a Belk gift card, a Borders gift card and one to Ryan's- (odd, because I never eat there, but free food is free food!) Anyway, I was really excited to spend them, and off we went. It was in our original plan to eat at Outback- Mark had a gift card from there, and we were going to spend my cards in the process. We went to Journey's first where I got my Converse All stars. I already have yellow pair that I love, but as black goes with everything except brown, I needed a black pair as well. I haven't had a pair of black chucks since 7th grade. I wore those until there was no tread left on them! I was Pumped! I also got a pair of Sugar shoes which look like Mary Jane's with different colored stars all over them. CUTE! At Belk I got some new "drawers" and at Borders I got Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk and She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. So exciting. Our trip to Outback was postponed because we ate at the new Gatti's in Turkey Creek with Holly and Wayne who just happened to be in the area. Oh the joy of shopping.... : ) Anyway, I got my Chuck's back and I have never been happier!

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