Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Storm, Shadow and Bob

We have three new, cute and wriggly puppies! They were born a week ago Saturday, which makes them 10 days old today! we have dubbed them as follows: Storm: She came first in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. One so bad, it actually flooded in our basement! Shadow: Shadow is actually Storm's shadow. She wants to be right next to her all the time and she followed quickly after storm in the birth process. They are never far apart. And lastly, Bob. He is our little rebel. He stays on his own, has grown very fat and is very sweet. Bob is also the oddball of the group, being the only pup born at birth who was already brown. Kind of like Bob in "What about Bob?" Ha!

This litter of puppies makes 12 puppies between our two girls, Saber and Bruiser. Which makes a total of 13 dogs that Mark and I have had under our roof at one time or another. (Bruiser is Saber's pup, and Fatty, our other dog, is Bruisers pup from the last litter. )

We LOVE dogs. Can't you tell?

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