Saturday, November 24, 2012

35 Weeks

I can't believe a month has actually gone by since I posted! Like, a whole four weeks. Time flies when you're having fun. I've been back to the doctor twice I think since my last post. Sawyer continues to do well! He is moving south. : ) At my last appointment, his but was lodged under my right rib, his feet were kicked out under my left rib and he was head down. Oh sweet boy, just make yourself comfortable! I won't lie. Having his butt under my ribs is not something that feels good at all. Neither do the midnight dance parties, but I will tell ya... it makes me feel so happy to feel him squirming around in there. : )

Recent developments. The heartburn is back. With vengeance! Everything gives me heartburn now. Even water. I cannot roll over in bed without Mark pushing me or it taking a VERY LONG TIME. It also hurts to roll over. There's something called lightening crotch. Have you heard of it? Yes. That's where we are now. Imagine someone put on a pair of steel toed boots and then kicked you in your pubic bone. Now imagine they did it again, one more time, just for good measure. That's about right. It's usually the worst during that rolling over in bed bit that I mentioned above.

This week we start weekly doctors appointments. I cant believe it's 4 weeks till our due date. I am beginning to wonder when he will make his appearance. We still have a few things to complete, like installing our car seat base and going to our preregistration appointment, but other than that, he can come whenever he likes AFTER December 10th. I want him pretty well done and those lungs working WELL. : )

I have a picture to add... my it seems I have used ALL of my storage for blogger through google. So for now, I will just link ya. : )   35 Weeks

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