Friday, December 14, 2012

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Sawyer's Birth Story: Part 1

On Monday, December 3, 2012 at 10:13AM...Sawyer Anderson Ellis arrived into the world.

My Monday morning started at about 6AM and quickly turned into one of the most wonderful days of my life. At six, I woke up feeling slightly crampy. You know the cramps I'm talking about. The ones where you wake up and think, ah, man. I'm totally getting my period today. Yeah, those. Only, I was 37 weeks pregnant. So getting my period wasn't on the agenda. I thought it was weird, but tried to drink some water and rest to see if things would improve.

After about 10 minutes resting, I decided warm water might help. I was very uncomfortable and got into a hot bath. I had also started bleeding just the tiniest bit. I placed a call to my OB and was referred to the on call physician who was supposed to get right back with me. I also called Mark at work and put him on standby. : )

As I lay in the water, I figured I better call work and let them know what was going on, and that I might be in later. My friend Sarah advised me to take the day off and I said I would get back with her. The on call doctor got back with me, asked a few questions and we hung up. After that, I called Mark back to let him know that I wanted him to come home, that I was hurting and that the on call doctor had advised me to come on in to at least get checked. AS I waited for Mark to get home, I started throwing things in our bags. They were mostly packed, but I had to throw a few last minute items in. The problem was, I kept having this pain every 3 or 4 minutes. At no point did I ever actually consider that I might actually be in labor. Weird, I know.

When Mark got home around 8AM, he found me swinging my hips at the arm of the couch. He was able to finish packing, install the car seat on the fly and feed the dogs. Off to Parkwest we traveled. The car ride was hellish. I broke the elbow rest during a contraction and when we got close to Dutchtown Road I decided that I wanted to push. After exclaiming this to Mark, (and him advising me not to) he floored it and I was trying my best not to push. We valet parked. This literally cracks me up just thinking back to it. We pulled in right as I was having another contraction and the poor kid that opened my car door looked mortified. He asked if we were looking for the emergency room and I told him NO. I'm going to Labor and Delivery, dude. He asked me then if I wanted a wheelchair and I nodded yes. So, I guess when you look like you're about to have a baby, people get out of the way. We got an elevator to ourselves and luckily, sailed into L&D. This was about 9:30AM.

I heard a woman behind the curtain as I was literally flinging my clothes in all directions say that I looked like I was in pain...a moment later another woman, Debbie, I think, appeared and said we were about to get real personal. She checked me and said "Honey, we are having a baby. You're at 9.5 CM." I remember thinking, Well, alright then. At least I know there's a reason for all this pain! They wheeled me into a room and started trying to get things set up. The contractions were rolling over me at this point and Mark was my freaking hero. He was feeding me ice chips and reminding me to breathe. Holding my hand, holding my leg. Letting me lean on him. The man did no wrong. An angel, I tell you. Well, I still wanted to push, but my water had still not broken. My bag was bulging but no break. (OK, this is going to get graphic, but it's for my memory, and I'm not leaving anything that I can remember out, so you have been warned. ) So, my nurse Chenoa..who by the way was the other angel in this story, told me to go on and push at the next contraction, that she was going to break my water for me. What happened next I will never, ever forget. She broke my water alright. It went EVERYWHERE. It hit the wall behind her, sprayed her face, got in her hair, went all over the floor and my brand new socks. Ha. I was mortified. She also said to tell the baby nurse that there was meconium (baby poop) in my bag. I freaked (because it can get in baby's lungs when that happens), but she totally calmed me down.

After the amniotic fluid bath, my doctor casually walks in and here I am in the throws of delivery... spread eagle, sweating, hair fuzzies a mile tall and huffing and puffing. He was so casual. He got some kind of protective gear on and sat down and waited. He offered me encouragement when I needed it and was doing a few things down there that I couldn't really see. Anyway, soon after that, he said 2 more good pushes.. maybe one and he will be out. I remember dude, it's gonna be one. I pushed with all I had and Sawyer literally shot out. The doctor caught him like a football and I leaned back sighing, "Sawyer."

We reveled at this thing that we had created for quite sometime, and then decided it was time to start letting people know about our surprise arrival.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

35 Weeks

I can't believe a month has actually gone by since I posted! Like, a whole four weeks. Time flies when you're having fun. I've been back to the doctor twice I think since my last post. Sawyer continues to do well! He is moving south. : ) At my last appointment, his but was lodged under my right rib, his feet were kicked out under my left rib and he was head down. Oh sweet boy, just make yourself comfortable! I won't lie. Having his butt under my ribs is not something that feels good at all. Neither do the midnight dance parties, but I will tell ya... it makes me feel so happy to feel him squirming around in there. : )

Recent developments. The heartburn is back. With vengeance! Everything gives me heartburn now. Even water. I cannot roll over in bed without Mark pushing me or it taking a VERY LONG TIME. It also hurts to roll over. There's something called lightening crotch. Have you heard of it? Yes. That's where we are now. Imagine someone put on a pair of steel toed boots and then kicked you in your pubic bone. Now imagine they did it again, one more time, just for good measure. That's about right. It's usually the worst during that rolling over in bed bit that I mentioned above.

This week we start weekly doctors appointments. I cant believe it's 4 weeks till our due date. I am beginning to wonder when he will make his appearance. We still have a few things to complete, like installing our car seat base and going to our preregistration appointment, but other than that, he can come whenever he likes AFTER December 10th. I want him pretty well done and those lungs working WELL. : )

I have a picture to add... my it seems I have used ALL of my storage for blogger through google. So for now, I will just link ya. : )   35 Weeks


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrating Sawyer

This past Saturday, some of my lovelies threw a shower to celebrate sweet Sawyer. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in my life who love me. Here are some pictures...

Mark and I got everything that Sawyer needs and more. The girls from work are also throwing me a shower with some of the kids moms! That one is tomorrow, and we will have so many blessings to shower Sawyer with. We feel so blessed and lucky to have these people in our lives and in Sawyers.

31 weeks

Hold on while I blow the dust off of my blog.... There. That's better. : ) Yesterday we hit 31 weeks. Time seems to be flying by. Sawyer is very much the acrobat these days. Hit feet stay in my ribs and he enjoys punching me in the hips. He is also showing a bit more of his personality. If he kicks me, and I poke back he turns and kicks or jabs in the other side. He already seems to have his daddy's winning sense of humor. In other news, I finally threw up. HOLD THE PRESSES, yes, I finally got sick. Though, I can't call it morning sickness. It happened in the middle of the night last week after I had a bowl of very buttery popcorn before I went to bed. It was not pleasant, but all three dogs kept me company on the bathroom floor for a while. That same night I had horrible heartburn (I ended up sleeping straight up) and some vicious leg cramps. The girls at work were so sweet and let me come in a few hours late so I could catch up on my rest. It was very much appreciated. Mark rubbed my back and legs as I sobbed into my pillow, I just want to sleep! Sleeping has become quite difficult. I toss and turn and pee all night. My pelvis and crotch ache. (Sorry, is that TMI?) Crossing my legs is laughable...because it HURTS!

All complaining aside, I will take it. Baby boy seems very active and healthy and we are so close to meeting him! I can't wait to see what he looks like. I had another dream about seeing him, and feeling his weight on my chest. It was lovely, and of course I woke up crying. Oh, the hormones!

We also had our baby shower last weekend (which I will make a separate post about) and the nursery is filling up. I'm really excited about how it's coming together!

Here we are at 31 weeks....

Except for that weird place on the left side where my leggings are bunches up, I'm not looking too bad, all things considered. : ) 9 weeks left. Can you believe it?

Monday, October 1, 2012

28 weeks

OK, no. I didn't post a 26 week picture or update. Bad mama. I'm blaming the start of football season, work, trying to finish up things that need to be done around the house and heartburn. Holy, mother of heartburn. Like I sad this week in a facebook status, "Heartburn like lava. This baby better have a Mohawk!" : ) Technically the picture is 26 weeks and 7 days, but we are rolling with it.

Things are going well and I go this Friday for my glucose test. Pregnancy related, I am starting to feel the toll that pregnancy takes on your body. I am having some back pain, lots of heartburn (obviously), and I feel tired again like I did at the beginning, just not quite as bad. Eating is crazy. I feel like I am running out of room. Eating smaller meals helps, but then I don't get full enough and want to eat again later. Ah, well.

I made a few cute purchases this month that I can wait to preview in my nursery post... I have decided to make one monstrous post about all that later. The shower is coming up in like, 3 weeks or less! I am really getting excited! It's going to be really cute and I am so happy to have people in my life that want to shower baby Sawyer!

Things I am missing: Sleep. I am and always have been such a belly sleeper. Sleeping sucks at the moment. Rolling around all night long trying to get comfortable, limbs going numb, peeing every so often and then the heartburn. Have I mentioned the heartburn??? I'm also missing my abs. I never really thought I had much to begin with, but now I am thinking I might have been mistaken. It's hard to get out of bed..the the couch. Mark gets a good laugh out of helping me. : )

Wowza.. A month makes quite the difference, no? I have grown. : )
Looking more and more forward each week. Now that we are on the downhill side, I realize just 12 weeks until my due date. CRAZY. EXCITING. SCARY. UNIMAGINABLE!

Monday, September 10, 2012

24 Weeks

24 Weeks! Definitely a little vol in there! : )

At my last appointment, Sawyer was doing great, and I got a good report as well! Everything is on track. Weight gain to date for me is 14lbs. Not too shabby, I don't guess. Next month we do our glucose test (which I am not looking forward to) and after that we start seeing the doctor twice a month! Time is flying by and it's completely crazy. I got some more work done on Sawyer's room last weekend. The crib has sheets and a bumper, things we've been collecting have been washed and put away. Next I need to hang some shelves and get the rest of the pieces assembled before our baby shower on October 27th! Crazy, crazy!

I am really feeling the kicks more and more these days. They don't only come at night anymore. They happen all day long and sometimes they wake me up early in the morning. My skin is finally starting to clear up a little but I am having more heartburn. My doctor upped the heartburn meds last Friday, so hopefully that will help some! I've started thinking more and more about what Sawyer will look like, what his personality will be like and most of all, what kind of little person he will be! Very exciting things to come, and I feel blessed beyond measure. Mark and I have found new appreciation for one another as well. Our love continues to grow and strengthen in ways I never thought possible or could have imagined. He has truly been amazing. He also caught some new "Heather's Crying Again" footage, this time at the UT game! National anthems always get me. : ) That's all for now, I think. Love and blessings to everyone!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

22 Weeks

Yes! I am a week late in posting! Thanks for noticing. : ) It's been a very busy week, and as of today we are actually at 23 weeks. Ah well. We will survive.

Sawyer is really starting to get the hang of kicking. At first, I would only feel him at night between 9:30 and 11:00. Now, I feel him a lot during the day, too! And the kicks are getting harder. Mark actually saw my belly moving on Saturday, which was a treat for both of us. :0)
People are trying very hard these days to get a belly rub in... I am still too ninja to let them. We will see how long that lasts. : ) We have also registered in one place and need to in another. It's exciting! I have some great family and friends who are already hard at work thinking of shower ideas. It's hard to believe that we are over half way there, but we are!
Friday we are having new carpet put in our bedroom and then we are moving full force onto nursery design! My theme is anything but a theme, and people seem confused when I tell them that I am just winging it. I will post pictures when it seems to come together a little more. Until then, folks will just have to wonder and speculate. : )
Feeling pretty good these days, though work is wearing me out! My main pregnancy symptom continues to be the need for sleep. I have had some pretty crazy heartburn, even with the heartburn medicine...which makes me wonder if Sawyer is going to inherit both his mother and fathers thick locks. We shall see! Other than that, just peeing all the time. : )
Hopefully next week I will have it together better and actually post at the 24 week mark. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

20 Weeks

Yes, I am a week late in posting. (Today actually marks 21 weeks!) We have been reveling in the joy of seeing our little dove on the big screen again! We went to the doctor last Monday to find out how the little dove was doing and to see if we could get a sneak peek at the goods... Boy, did we ever. Pun intended!

Baby Boy Ellis is doing great! His heart, lungs, brain, spine and all the rest look great. He was dancing a little jig in there because I drank part of a coke about half an hour before going in. : )

We were totally delighted! We told our parents and my sister first and then filled in the rest of the gang. I am happy to say that I do have a little mothers intuition after all, because I felt like our little dove was a boy all along. I am also just so, so happy that he is healthy!!

Here is how we posted the news on facebook... we are truly blessed and excited for all of the support our family and friends have given to us! This picture was actually taken in the exam room right after we found out!

Here is a glance at me.. warning.. I have filled out! Also, for your pleasure, I am including his name. : )

Love to all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

18 Weeks

(and one day, to be exact.) Yes, I'm a day late posting this week. Why? Because I go to sleep with the chickens. That's why. : )  Things are going well. We had our monthly checkup almost 2 weeks ago and Baby E is looking good! The heartbeat was strong- in the 150's this time and everything sounded good! At our next appointment we get to take a peek at Baby E for the first time in 12 weeks. It's been too long, little dove! We will also be finding out the sex- so make your prediction now!!

Pregnancy is going about the same. Still no throwing up and no real aversions. I am still enjoying salads, sandwiches and popsicles very much. Toast and yogurt have become a breakfast staple. Still having a rough time sleeping, and I am waking up more and more to pee each night. Sciatic is still bothersome at times too, but there's no one thing I can really complain about. (I am so blessed!)

I bought an udder cover today, a big thank you to Carrie over at ellaminnowpea for clue-ing me in on a wonderful sale!! That's honestly been my first mommy purchase, and I am really pleased with it!!

In other news, I am really loving my job. The nuggets are wearing me out, but I figure it's good practice and it's also keeping me active and probably building immunities! ;0)

I have started working on a few things for the nursery, just crafty stuff here and there, and I promise to post something when I finish. I've been SLOW going on this for some reason. I've also started thinking about a few other maternity photos...What do you guys think? Waste of money? Priceless memory? I'm really not feeling it at the moment, but maybe I will feel differently in a few weeks. Speaking of feeling things, I've also been feeling a few flutters here and there. It's really weird and makes me smile all at the same time.

Looking at this picture is weird for me... First off, it looks like I am carrying super high..and I'm not. Also, it looks like I am sporting a gut-which is probably true. Ha! Secondly, I willingly admit that I touched up my face. Maybe I do have something to complain about... I don't have the glow!! I have acne!! Anyway, Mark took the picture and went to bed, so it's what I have..and I am working with it.

Worth it. All for the love of the dove. : )

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

16 weeks

Here we are at 16 weeks! I go for my monthly doctors appointment on Friday, and then at the next appointment (at least we think- it might be this one!) we find out what this little dove is going to be!

Things have been going well. I am so blessed to say that! The only things that have made me uncomfortable so far is a bit of heartburn, and some sciatica. Other than that, nothing to complain about, except the heat. Pregnant people really can't handle the heat. I feel like my blood is boiling when I go outside! Luckily, today has been so nice since we got the rain, and I took full advantage by sitting out on the back porch all night!

One other thing to face looks like a pizza. It's really grossing me out. Ah well, anything for love. : )

Little dove is the size of an avocado this week. Belly is starting to protrude. : )

More Friday....

Fourth of July

This stuff makes me happy. : )

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ryan turns 4

So belated.... bad Auntie.

Love this boy so much....

14 Weeks

We've arrived at the 2nd trimester, y'all! I think I popped this week. I should also add that I don't always look like hell, I just take these pictures at night when Mark is at home, and that's after I've worked with kids all day long. : ) 

Here we are at 14 weeks. I'm not standing up straight, belly bloated! Looking good, mama!

Mostly, I just feel chubby. Still in my regular jeans, I just sort of feel like I have a gut now. It's kind of like baby E is pushing everything upwards and it's now spilling over my waistband. : )

Things of note:
-My neighbor rubbed my belly the other day. It was really sweet, but I hate it when people touch my stomach. She's lucky that she's old and I love her. I've even brushed off my mom, Holly, and Marks mom from belly rubbing. It's probably not normal, but it gives me the willies!

-I'm peeing all the time. The weird part is, it's just a little at a time. I think baby E must be sitting on my bladder or something!

-People have started asking me really personal questions. Like, will I be breast feeding? or Am I constipated? And "Are you going to circumcise if it's a boy? Whoa. Serious personal questions, folks.

-Still really tired. Slept 12 hours last night and it felt so good, because sleeping has become an issue. My hips sort of hurt, and when I wake up anywhere besides my left side, I roll back to the left and it takes forever to sleep again because I AM NOT A LEFT SIDE SLEEPER.

-I have moved from salad cravings to sandwich cravings. Sandwiches are SO darn good. Turkey and provolone. Ahhhhh....

-I can't say I have any real aversions to food. I still like everything I did before and I still don't eat things I didn't before. I miss sushi, but I will survive. I also miss my glass of wine to chill out on the weekends, but I will survive that as well. I've been an excellent designated driver.

-Mark has been amazing. I had another little hormone related melt down a week or so ago and he just let me cry and cry it out. He's also been a trooper here at home, cooking dinner and what not. I love him... : )

OK, Well that's all I can think of for now... Hope everyone is well!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 Weeks

Well, today we hit the 12 week mark! Pretty exciting stuff. Friday we head back to the doctor. : ) Mark took another picture today. I'm still in pre-pregnancy clothes, but my bras and underwear feel like they are cutting my circulation off. Ideas and suggestions welcome on what to do- that will last the longest. : )

Since I posted last, I have felt so extremely sleepy again that I have gone back to napping at least once a day. I'm looking forward to the little burst of energy that is supposed to come along with the second trimester. Still no puking, I will consider myself BLESSED!! Although I have been rather nauseated at night still, I found a wonderful helper in that arena. Edy's Fruit Pops. Pineapple and Mango. Go get one now. They are literal lifesavers.

In other food news, I have eaten salads for breakfast lunch and dinner. They are so tasty right now!

Mark and I have started thinking about names and such, though I don't plan on revealing that for some time yet. I can say that if we have a boy, that we will continue his family tradition and use the middle name Anderson- it goes back MANY generations, it's not weird but also not something you hear all the time. So, I love it. : ) The other thing I can say about names is that we really like old fashioned ones more than fruits or numbers. ;0)

I for sure look different than I did two weeks ago, but I can't really tell how...this may be denial. Anyway, I am also thinking I should try wearing the same shirt each time, that would help. : )

Send up prayers for the little dove this week. Mama wants a good report on Friday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Weeks

Is that too early to start taking belly pictures? I'm not sure. I don't know if I have an actual belly yet or not, either. Well, anymore than I had before, anyway.

Right. Just shut up and post the damn picture..

3 more weeks and we are outta the first trimester!

Today we hit 11 weeks, so I think my posts are officially caught up. : )

Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 years old

I can't believe tomorrow this little guy will be 4 years old. My, Oh my, how time does fly. I love you, my sweet, funny, handsome little nephew. : ) Here is a look back over months 36-48.

Love this boy. To see other years in review, Click here, here and here.

Aunt Hedda

Friday, June 1, 2012

First doctors appointment (post 7)

Well, we had our first doctor's appointment today. That ultrasound is something else, let me tell you. I'm 8 weeks, so I didn't get the belly ultrasound if you know what I'm saying. Odd. The thing is I barely noticed it after I heard that heartbeat.... ba-bum-ba-bum-ba-bum-ba-bum. It was fast and loud. Seemed strong to me. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen or done in my whole life. I totally get why people say it's unexplainable now. It is unexplainable. You'll see. Believe me, I know how frustrating that is, but it's totally true. : ) Here is a picture of our little dove. This is zoomed in super close. I love my OB.

Mark and I were really amazed watching the ultrasound. He was speechless with a big grin. (I did hazard a glance in his direction, too.) My reaction was to shout out "Oh My God!" That's a direct quote, people.

Due date: Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. One angle measures 8 weeks and 2 days, the other angle measures 8 weeks and 3 days. Whatever. Holiday baby here we come!

This is how we plan to announce on Facebook and email:

I totally made this. It's freaking adorable, if I do say so myself. : ) We're trying to let all the people we are close to know now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

more stuff- (Post 6)

This week has been mostly the same. A new thing that's been happening is about 7:30 each night, I start to feel like I am going to yak. So, I wait. I suck on peppermints. I drink ginger ale. I eat a saltine cracker or two. Nothing. I don't puke, but I don't stop feeling like I am going to puke, either. It's really lovely. Sometimes tea helps.

Other things of note: We told our grandmothers today, for Mother's Day. Some of the best reactions so far. I also got some flowers for mother's day from my mother in law, which is weird because I don't feel super motherly yet and super sweet all the same.

This week Mark gave me a kiss when he was leaving for work and he also gave my belly a rub, which I thought was monumentally sweet, even though I was half asleep. The cinnamon rolls? OMG. Heavenly. They were amazing.

Pregnancy gas could peel wallpaper off of the walls.

Monday, May 28, 2012

more strange (Post 5)

The past week...wait, has it been that long? I have no idea. Anyway, more strange things have been happening. I ended up having to go in and have lab work done to check my progesterone and hcg levels. Can't remember if I mentioned that either.. I got a call today from the nurse at my OB's office saying things looked good, but they are starting me on a progesterone supplement anyway, just to be sure. I hate to say it, but I am not really looking forward to that, because my own hormones give me enough trouble as it is...

Here's something else thats weird. I have been having the strangest dreams. VIVID dreams. Not about anything particularly crazy, they're just so REAL. For instance, last night I dreamed that I met Carrie Curry and sweet Charlie Ann for lunch. I am fairly certain it's because I was thinking about Carrie last night when I saw a cute chevron printed skirt at old navy- and why that made me think of her, I have no idea...anyway, I guess that's what started it? Anyway, in the dream, we had lunch and we talked about decorating..because lets face it, Carrie is a genius on the baby cute idea front!!

Still no morning sickness. KNOCK ON WOOD. The unfortunate thing about that is I just feel like throwing up all day, and I never can actually be sick. Nice!  I'm guessing the extra progesterone may push things over the edge on the puking front, but we'll see.

Also, I was bored today and decided to give the Chinese Gender Predictor a try. It says BOY. I guess we will see.  : )

Sunday, May 27, 2012

indicators (Post 4)

What was that? I just sent Mark to the store to get cinnamon rolls. I don't remember the last time I ate one of those.... Hmmm.

Mark and I were watching the Kentucky Derby on Sunday. At the end of the race, I buried my face in my hands and said, "it's just too much!" I sobbed for about 5 minutes and was fine after that. He has the whole thing on video. : )

Thursday, May 24, 2012

oddities (Post 3)

So, being pregnant takes a little getting used to. I am sure every woman's journey is different, but as this is my first pregnancy, I guess it's even more strange. Obviously, it's hard not to tell people. We clearly suck at it. We've since told a few more friends and there was an instance at a wedding we attended on Saturday where I had to tell a person because she kept trying to force me to do shots. That's another no means am I an alcoholic, (though if you've read this blog for any length of time, you might disagree with me, but whatever) but it's weird not having a casual beer or glass of wine with dinner on the weekends. Dudes, I had to quit smoking, too. Obviously, for the health of the little dove, but I wasn't ready yet, so it's been WORK. Here's another thing I find weird... people are all, don't pick that up! or, I'll move that! Or let me get that for you! OK, I was lifting a sandwich- that I had to steam the meat for because there are rules about that too- I'm pregnant...not disabled. Especially this early on! Lots of things to adjust to.

As far as symptoms go, I have felt relatively normal. The most changed thing would be my sleeping habits. I take a nap nearly everyday and man alive does it make a difference. I am just so TIRED. I'm tired like, two hours after I wake up. It's weird. Also, I've been getting up and eating breakfast at 6:30AM and going back to sleep. Anyone who knows me knows that if I am getting up at 6:30 in the morning, it's not to eat. Something fun better be happening. Just strange. The other thing is the horrendous sinus infection I am having to endure. We are talking the lime green kind of snot,'s so gross. As far as body changes, there aren't many to report...the lowest part of my belly feels sort of hard....or harder than usual. That's it. I am happy to report I haven't puked yet either. That will probably change...and soon.

I've been reading up on a few websites and it says the little dove is about the size of a sesame seed this week. Teenie!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Secrets Revealed (Post 2)

So, apparently Mark and I are the worlds worst secret keepers. I called this morning to schedule our doctors appointment and my OB/GYN doesn't see patients until they are 8 or 9 weeks. So we have our appointment...(on May 18- Happy Birthday, Coco!) to see what's happening with the little dove and have our first ultrasound. I sent Mark a text message letting him know the specifics and he sent me one back saying..."can we wait that long to tell people??" I said probably not.

I was so right. When he got home from work today we talked it over and decided to tell our families. We're still keeping it secret from the rest of the world until after that first appointment. (So we say NOW)  Our families were ecstatic, naturally. Mark's parents cried. His dad said he didn't know if he would be able to get to sleep tonight! His mom was screaming and saying "it's about time! it's about time!" My mom and sister were so funny. My mom is really excited. She said, "You guys just made the century for me!" My sister was giving me lots of advice and she also told me couldn't wait to post on facebook that she was going to be an aunt! : )

It was sort of nerve wracking making those calls. Mark and I sat together on the couch, his arm around me when we talked to my family and mine around him when we talked to his parents. Cool stuff. So glad I've got such a great partner to share this road with!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Attached (Post 1)

As I type this post, I know it won't be published until a few weeks from now. Yesterday, (Saturday, April 22, 2012) Mark and I were lounging around at home and I casually mentioned that my period was five days late. He had already decided to go out and get lunch, so he picked up a home pregnancy test while he was out. I really didn't have to pee when he returned home, so I started drinking some water. We watched Bridesmaids while munching on a rotisserie chicken from Kroger. A little while later, I decided it was time to pee. I went into the bathroom and peed on the stick and waited. Mark's phone rang and he answered it. He was talking to our insurance guy. I walked back into the bathroom to check out the test.


One tiny word. 2 syllables.

The world stopped moving. My heart was racing. I started sweating. For a brief moment, I thought I was going to throw up. Once I could sort of walk, I meandered into the office where Mark was still chatting away. I'm fairly certain the look on my face said it all. He took the test from me and we hugged. I could hear our insurance guy still talking. Mark brushed him off as quickly as he could and he came into the living room where I was sitting, still in shock, holding the flashing pregnancy test. Pregnant...Pregnant...Pregnant it said.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Now that I've had a full day to take it in, I'm so excited. I was excited yesterday, too. I won't lie though. That little flashing test is a game changer. I had about a million and five different thoughts running through my brain. It's scary, and that's the honest truth...but that doesn't mean I don't want it more than anything.

After we talked and hugged and OMG'd, I decided to take a shower. As I stood in the hot water, I little dove, my little dove. I ran my hand across my belly. I searched for any physical sign that I might have missed. Nothing. No physical evidence. Then why do I already feel so different? I'm guessing part of it's hormonal but the other part I think is a decision. I have already decided that I love my little crazy, but awesome at the same time. What a strange and wonderful feeling.

We spent the rest of the weekend watching movies and feeling smug. We have a secret! Nah-nah, nah-nah, boo, boo! We can't wait to tell our families. We're already thinking of ways to try and surprise them. We aren't telling anyone until they know and they aren't going to find out until after the doctors appointment- which I am calling about tomorrow. After we tell our families, we will tell our closest friends. Then I suppose we'll splatter it across the web. More news when I have more news. : )

Friday, May 18, 2012

CoCo Holt- Eeeerrrkkk!!

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends in the world! Who knows where I would be without this girl. I love my CoCo so much!!! : )

Love you, Court.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It's been almost a month since I posted! Bad blogger! Bad! The past month has been so busy, my head is spinning. We attended a wedding, we've been to several more tee ball games, I started a new job and we are finally remodeling the hideous upstairs bathroom. (We found HARDWOOD under the linoleum in the there.) Anyway, it's been busy, but I am going to keep this fairly short.

The new job is awesome. I am working with kids and they are seriously amazing. I couldn't be happier doing this. In many ways I feel like they are teaching me more than I am teaching them. It's awesome. : )

The bathroom remodel is extensive. We are redoing the floor, tearing out a wall, putting in new vanities, painting and fixing the closet. The word sheet rock may send me into convulsions, so I can't really get to much into it without wigging out.

Our good friends James and Vanessa got married about two weeks ago. It was a beautiful wedding. Mark was a groomsman and I got to photograph the whole thing. We are so lucky to be blessed with such wonderful friends as them. We finally had them over last night to hear about their honeymoon and the moving/merging of houses!

We celebrated Mothers Day today with some of my favorite mothers- mine, of course, Marks Mom, my sister and my grandmother. : ) Love these ladies so much!!

So much more to add, but that will be another post for another day. I just needed to show the blog some love. I'm off to bed. Miss you bloggies!


Monday, April 16, 2012

weekend in review

This weekend was awesome! I'm still worn out. : ) It started Thursday night when Mark and I went over to Bill and Beth's to hang out and Beth and I got to watch some Grey's Anatomy! On Friday morning Mark and Ryan and myself went over to help bill pull some vines down off of the rental house. After that we went to Lowe's and then we all came home to take a nap! That night we had pizza and cake then went bowling for Olivia's 4th birthday!

Saturday was even crazier. We started at the ball field for Ryan's first Tee Ball game. Can I just say HOW CUTE little kids are playing tee ball? They build dirt piles, run the wrong way and ask if they can go sit with their papaws when they get bored. It's adorable!

Mark and I left the ball field and headed home to get ready for Nikki and Jay's wedding. Nikki was such a beautiful bride and we were so happy to be a part of their day! They had some of the best food I've ever had at a wedding as well. Lots of authentic Italian finger foods. Delicious!!

After the wedding, We headed home to change again and this time Courtney went with me to Ryan's second game of the day where we met my Mom and my Uncle Mark. Ryan was a crowd pleaser, that's for sure! After the game, Courtney and I headed back to my place to change for the final leg of Saturday's journey... Vanessa's Bachelorette Party!

We had a great time and sent Vanessa's single life out in style of course...with hard liquor, dirty dancing and a little karaoke. : ) After we got home, I completely passed out.

Sunday morning the three of us woke and ate pizza for breakfast. After that we all got ready and headed out for Vanessa and James shower. They got a ton of gifts and they are already so loved by their families and friends. We can't wait to help them celebrate their big day! After all that, Mark and I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so we got a rotisserie chicken from Food City, piled on the couch and watch a few episodes of True Blood Before calling it a day.

I hope your weekend was as fun as ours was!

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