Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 weeks

Hold on while I blow the dust off of my blog.... There. That's better. : ) Yesterday we hit 31 weeks. Time seems to be flying by. Sawyer is very much the acrobat these days. Hit feet stay in my ribs and he enjoys punching me in the hips. He is also showing a bit more of his personality. If he kicks me, and I poke back he turns and kicks or jabs in the other side. He already seems to have his daddy's winning sense of humor. In other news, I finally threw up. HOLD THE PRESSES, yes, I finally got sick. Though, I can't call it morning sickness. It happened in the middle of the night last week after I had a bowl of very buttery popcorn before I went to bed. It was not pleasant, but all three dogs kept me company on the bathroom floor for a while. That same night I had horrible heartburn (I ended up sleeping straight up) and some vicious leg cramps. The girls at work were so sweet and let me come in a few hours late so I could catch up on my rest. It was very much appreciated. Mark rubbed my back and legs as I sobbed into my pillow, I just want to sleep! Sleeping has become quite difficult. I toss and turn and pee all night. My pelvis and crotch ache. (Sorry, is that TMI?) Crossing my legs is laughable...because it HURTS!

All complaining aside, I will take it. Baby boy seems very active and healthy and we are so close to meeting him! I can't wait to see what he looks like. I had another dream about seeing him, and feeling his weight on my chest. It was lovely, and of course I woke up crying. Oh, the hormones!

We also had our baby shower last weekend (which I will make a separate post about) and the nursery is filling up. I'm really excited about how it's coming together!

Here we are at 31 weeks....

Except for that weird place on the left side where my leggings are bunches up, I'm not looking too bad, all things considered. : ) 9 weeks left. Can you believe it?

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