Monday, October 1, 2012

28 weeks

OK, no. I didn't post a 26 week picture or update. Bad mama. I'm blaming the start of football season, work, trying to finish up things that need to be done around the house and heartburn. Holy, mother of heartburn. Like I sad this week in a facebook status, "Heartburn like lava. This baby better have a Mohawk!" : ) Technically the picture is 26 weeks and 7 days, but we are rolling with it.

Things are going well and I go this Friday for my glucose test. Pregnancy related, I am starting to feel the toll that pregnancy takes on your body. I am having some back pain, lots of heartburn (obviously), and I feel tired again like I did at the beginning, just not quite as bad. Eating is crazy. I feel like I am running out of room. Eating smaller meals helps, but then I don't get full enough and want to eat again later. Ah, well.

I made a few cute purchases this month that I can wait to preview in my nursery post... I have decided to make one monstrous post about all that later. The shower is coming up in like, 3 weeks or less! I am really getting excited! It's going to be really cute and I am so happy to have people in my life that want to shower baby Sawyer!

Things I am missing: Sleep. I am and always have been such a belly sleeper. Sleeping sucks at the moment. Rolling around all night long trying to get comfortable, limbs going numb, peeing every so often and then the heartburn. Have I mentioned the heartburn??? I'm also missing my abs. I never really thought I had much to begin with, but now I am thinking I might have been mistaken. It's hard to get out of bed..the the couch. Mark gets a good laugh out of helping me. : )

Wowza.. A month makes quite the difference, no? I have grown. : )
Looking more and more forward each week. Now that we are on the downhill side, I realize just 12 weeks until my due date. CRAZY. EXCITING. SCARY. UNIMAGINABLE!

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