Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 Weeks

Well, today we hit the 12 week mark! Pretty exciting stuff. Friday we head back to the doctor. : ) Mark took another picture today. I'm still in pre-pregnancy clothes, but my bras and underwear feel like they are cutting my circulation off. Ideas and suggestions welcome on what to do- that will last the longest. : )

Since I posted last, I have felt so extremely sleepy again that I have gone back to napping at least once a day. I'm looking forward to the little burst of energy that is supposed to come along with the second trimester. Still no puking, I will consider myself BLESSED!! Although I have been rather nauseated at night still, I found a wonderful helper in that arena. Edy's Fruit Pops. Pineapple and Mango. Go get one now. They are literal lifesavers.

In other food news, I have eaten salads for breakfast lunch and dinner. They are so tasty right now!

Mark and I have started thinking about names and such, though I don't plan on revealing that for some time yet. I can say that if we have a boy, that we will continue his family tradition and use the middle name Anderson- it goes back MANY generations, it's not weird but also not something you hear all the time. So, I love it. : ) The other thing I can say about names is that we really like old fashioned ones more than fruits or numbers. ;0)

I for sure look different than I did two weeks ago, but I can't really tell how...this may be denial. Anyway, I am also thinking I should try wearing the same shirt each time, that would help. : )

Send up prayers for the little dove this week. Mama wants a good report on Friday!

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