Tuesday, June 26, 2012

14 Weeks

We've arrived at the 2nd trimester, y'all! I think I popped this week. I should also add that I don't always look like hell, I just take these pictures at night when Mark is at home, and that's after I've worked with kids all day long. : ) 

Here we are at 14 weeks. I'm not standing up straight, belly bloated! Looking good, mama!

Mostly, I just feel chubby. Still in my regular jeans, I just sort of feel like I have a gut now. It's kind of like baby E is pushing everything upwards and it's now spilling over my waistband. : )

Things of note:
-My neighbor rubbed my belly the other day. It was really sweet, but I hate it when people touch my stomach. She's lucky that she's old and I love her. I've even brushed off my mom, Holly, and Marks mom from belly rubbing. It's probably not normal, but it gives me the willies!

-I'm peeing all the time. The weird part is, it's just a little at a time. I think baby E must be sitting on my bladder or something!

-People have started asking me really personal questions. Like, will I be breast feeding? or Am I constipated? And "Are you going to circumcise if it's a boy? Whoa. Serious personal questions, folks.

-Still really tired. Slept 12 hours last night and it felt so good, because sleeping has become an issue. My hips sort of hurt, and when I wake up anywhere besides my left side, I roll back to the left and it takes forever to sleep again because I AM NOT A LEFT SIDE SLEEPER.

-I have moved from salad cravings to sandwich cravings. Sandwiches are SO darn good. Turkey and provolone. Ahhhhh....

-I can't say I have any real aversions to food. I still like everything I did before and I still don't eat things I didn't before. I miss sushi, but I will survive. I also miss my glass of wine to chill out on the weekends, but I will survive that as well. I've been an excellent designated driver.

-Mark has been amazing. I had another little hormone related melt down a week or so ago and he just let me cry and cry it out. He's also been a trooper here at home, cooking dinner and what not. I love him... : )

OK, Well that's all I can think of for now... Hope everyone is well!

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