Wednesday, July 25, 2012

18 Weeks

(and one day, to be exact.) Yes, I'm a day late posting this week. Why? Because I go to sleep with the chickens. That's why. : )  Things are going well. We had our monthly checkup almost 2 weeks ago and Baby E is looking good! The heartbeat was strong- in the 150's this time and everything sounded good! At our next appointment we get to take a peek at Baby E for the first time in 12 weeks. It's been too long, little dove! We will also be finding out the sex- so make your prediction now!!

Pregnancy is going about the same. Still no throwing up and no real aversions. I am still enjoying salads, sandwiches and popsicles very much. Toast and yogurt have become a breakfast staple. Still having a rough time sleeping, and I am waking up more and more to pee each night. Sciatic is still bothersome at times too, but there's no one thing I can really complain about. (I am so blessed!)

I bought an udder cover today, a big thank you to Carrie over at ellaminnowpea for clue-ing me in on a wonderful sale!! That's honestly been my first mommy purchase, and I am really pleased with it!!

In other news, I am really loving my job. The nuggets are wearing me out, but I figure it's good practice and it's also keeping me active and probably building immunities! ;0)

I have started working on a few things for the nursery, just crafty stuff here and there, and I promise to post something when I finish. I've been SLOW going on this for some reason. I've also started thinking about a few other maternity photos...What do you guys think? Waste of money? Priceless memory? I'm really not feeling it at the moment, but maybe I will feel differently in a few weeks. Speaking of feeling things, I've also been feeling a few flutters here and there. It's really weird and makes me smile all at the same time.

Looking at this picture is weird for me... First off, it looks like I am carrying super high..and I'm not. Also, it looks like I am sporting a gut-which is probably true. Ha! Secondly, I willingly admit that I touched up my face. Maybe I do have something to complain about... I don't have the glow!! I have acne!! Anyway, Mark took the picture and went to bed, so it's what I have..and I am working with it.

Worth it. All for the love of the dove. : )

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