Wednesday, May 30, 2012

more stuff- (Post 6)

This week has been mostly the same. A new thing that's been happening is about 7:30 each night, I start to feel like I am going to yak. So, I wait. I suck on peppermints. I drink ginger ale. I eat a saltine cracker or two. Nothing. I don't puke, but I don't stop feeling like I am going to puke, either. It's really lovely. Sometimes tea helps.

Other things of note: We told our grandmothers today, for Mother's Day. Some of the best reactions so far. I also got some flowers for mother's day from my mother in law, which is weird because I don't feel super motherly yet and super sweet all the same.

This week Mark gave me a kiss when he was leaving for work and he also gave my belly a rub, which I thought was monumentally sweet, even though I was half asleep. The cinnamon rolls? OMG. Heavenly. They were amazing.

Pregnancy gas could peel wallpaper off of the walls.

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