Thursday, May 24, 2012

oddities (Post 3)

So, being pregnant takes a little getting used to. I am sure every woman's journey is different, but as this is my first pregnancy, I guess it's even more strange. Obviously, it's hard not to tell people. We clearly suck at it. We've since told a few more friends and there was an instance at a wedding we attended on Saturday where I had to tell a person because she kept trying to force me to do shots. That's another no means am I an alcoholic, (though if you've read this blog for any length of time, you might disagree with me, but whatever) but it's weird not having a casual beer or glass of wine with dinner on the weekends. Dudes, I had to quit smoking, too. Obviously, for the health of the little dove, but I wasn't ready yet, so it's been WORK. Here's another thing I find weird... people are all, don't pick that up! or, I'll move that! Or let me get that for you! OK, I was lifting a sandwich- that I had to steam the meat for because there are rules about that too- I'm pregnant...not disabled. Especially this early on! Lots of things to adjust to.

As far as symptoms go, I have felt relatively normal. The most changed thing would be my sleeping habits. I take a nap nearly everyday and man alive does it make a difference. I am just so TIRED. I'm tired like, two hours after I wake up. It's weird. Also, I've been getting up and eating breakfast at 6:30AM and going back to sleep. Anyone who knows me knows that if I am getting up at 6:30 in the morning, it's not to eat. Something fun better be happening. Just strange. The other thing is the horrendous sinus infection I am having to endure. We are talking the lime green kind of snot,'s so gross. As far as body changes, there aren't many to report...the lowest part of my belly feels sort of hard....or harder than usual. That's it. I am happy to report I haven't puked yet either. That will probably change...and soon.

I've been reading up on a few websites and it says the little dove is about the size of a sesame seed this week. Teenie!

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