Friday, January 2, 2009

My Christmas Tree's name is Charlie Brown. As of now.

Why is it that the "putting up" of the Christmas tree is like a big freaking parade, and taking it down is completely unceremonious? Seriously. I took mine down today and while I was doing it I was thinking, "Where is everyone?" I answered my own question, of course, because there was no one else there to answer it for me. Mark was at work, Jackson was playing video games, Corey was putting together band equipment, (although he did help me carry the tree downstairs) and the dogs were snoozing in the kitchen, barely opening their eyes as I was grunting to pull the heavy pieces apart and shoving cases back into boxes. WTF?

This year when my tree went "up," Mark helped me put it together, the dogs were excited because of all the new smells, (or old, however you want to look at it) Corey watched me, smoking his seasonal cloves and I can't remember what Jackson was doing. The point is, yes, I am going to make one here, is that people were happy it was going up! I took out my "Ethnic Santa"- which I display every year, and we all got a laugh out of how I came by it. ( The story is, my mom bought me a black Santa one year and I thought it was really cool. Years later when I mentioned to her that I still had it, she didn't know what I was talking about. So I showed it to her and do you know what she said? "I thought he had a tan!" My poor mother can be so clueless sometimes. Anyway, she didnt think it was proper to refer to him as black Santa, so I now call him Ethnic Santa. Ha. )

Back to my point. No one cared the tree was going down. Should I have waited for them to be REALLY happy it was going down? Would it have given it more dignity? My poor Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. No one cared about it.

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