Friday, January 30, 2009

Freaking Louse..

So, a lady came into the shop today asking for advice on Lice. Yick. My head has been itching all day at the thought. Gross! Anyway, no one except for me freaked out. Is this something they learned in Beauty School? Perhaps. Me? I was all, Oh my God, the world is coming to an end. After the lady got her advice, (go home, comb everyone in the family's hair, Wash and spray bedding, couches, car seats, etc. and Put stuffed animals into a trash bag for two weeks) I got the skinny on Lice. They are very small and travel quickly. They multiply even more quickly. The best thing to do if you have them is to disinfect your entire house and family. Notify friends who have been in contact within 72 hours of initial Lice discovery.

Do you remember when kids our age got Lice at school? They lined everyone up and then a lady searched through your head when you got to the office. All the while you are praying, Please don't find Lice, please don't find any lice.. If you were clean they sent you back to class. If not, you were sent into a separate room with all the other infected kids. I'm not sure. I never had to go. Ugh. That was one of the most dreaded experiences to go through. It rivals the first trip to the gynecologist. Unpleasant and not something to look forward to.

Excuse me. I need to go wash my hair. Yick.

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