Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ryan and Mater

My favorite shortstack came to stay the night with us this weekend. That boy sure does make me happy. You know, he really is the most sweet and caring, thoughtful little boy I know. He's more than happy. He's a delight to be around.

We watched Cars 2 about four times. We played "cars" while we watched Cars 2. We ate Spaghetti and then I blew up the air mattress for him to sleep on in our room. You might have thought I had told him we were going to Disney. We just squealed! And then he fetched his Tow Mater Pillow from upstairs and requested to watch Cars 2 again.  He slept in and woke up asking for toast and Oatmeal and Cars 2.

I now know that if I am ever on a game sure where the million dollar question is "Who is Lightning McQueen's best friend?" I'm gonna get the million, with TOW MATER. : )  Here are a few pictures. Even Bruiser played along...Enjoy!

Love this little boy with all my heart.... as he likes to say, "we have the Most fun!"

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