Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Loves

Because of an ultra busy week, I didn't do my usual instalment of the Seven Days of Valentines. I thought in order to repent, I would do Februarys Loves and make a little extra effort this month by mentioning 10 things and adding pictures instead of my usual 10 without pictures.


1. My husband. He is without a doubt the most selfless, caring, funny, considerate and loving man I have ever known. He holds me up when I need him to, he laughs at my dumb jokes and he is my perpetual partner in crime.

2. Ma Familia. They might be crazy, but they certainly are mine. They know me better than most and have endured many a wild and crazy idea or heart torn conversation at three in the morning. What I love about my family most of all, is that they love me too.

3. My kids. I may not have given birth to them, and they are definately covered in hair. Sometimes they will burp in your face, or sneeze violently while sleeping next to me, but they are mine. And I love them immensley.

4. My friends. These are the people the REALLY know me. (and love me anyway..ha. ) I have so many wonderful friends, it's hard to pick pictures of just a few, but here's tryin'.

5. The Boy. He puts a smile on my face every single time I see him. He is the sweetest, brightest, funniest and lovingest little person I know.

6. Remodeling. For some reason, this brings happiness to my heart....To create something with your own two hands is supremely satisfying.

7. Nature. Really, there's nothing like it. My heart sing when I am enjoying the great outsoors. I feel more complete the more time I spend outdoors...

8. Exercise. There's really nothing like it to get your endorphins going. It's a feel good thing. The only way I know to explain it is to say I don't do it to be fit. I do it to fit my mood.

9. Helping others. This suits me to a tee. Doing for others makes me feel great, and gives me immense sense of purpose. I thrive on it.

10. Lastly, I will say I love myself. Selfish as that may sounds, I have learned the hard way over a longer period of time than I would like to admit, that loving yourself is just as important as loving others. You must have balance. So here's me.....

Signin' out, loves.

*Lady Gaga- Paparazzi

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