Tuesday, August 3, 2010

newfound respect

It's one thing to read mommy blogs or help out a friend with their child. It a completely different thing to parent. I've had to keep Ryan quite a bit this week and last- Holly has had some health issues to resolve (she's doing great!) and my schedule allowed me to really help out. I can't actually say I have been parenting, but holy Toledo. Taking care of kids is HARD. I am so completely worn out. Pooped. Exhausted. Falling asleep as I write this. TIRED.

My new found respect goes something like this: I have kept my nephew for several days before, just because I wanted to. I was allowed to bring him home spoiled and covered in chocolate. It's hard when you actually have to be a disciplinarian and friend and playmate and poop changer and watcher of all things NEW!, FUN! and EXCITING! and boo boo kisser, and oatmeal maker, and capri sun-straw-inserter and referee and then keep up with all of your daily stuff. None of what's listed above covers house cleaning, husband loving, cooking or even mowing the lawn.

New found respect. That's all I'm saying! - but I wouldn't trade this face for 'nothin!

Love you baby boy!

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