Sunday, August 22, 2010


My list of 100 things is moving right along this week! Today, I finished Exodus.

What happened: (in my own words)
The King of Egypt unfairly has Moses and his people making bricks without giving them straw. He also makes the midwives kill any males born to the Israelites. When this doesn't work, he tells them to put them in the river. Eventually, Moses leads the people out of Egypt to Mount Sinai. It is here they receive their laws, (Ten Commandments) and the enter into a covenant. Instructions are given on how to set up the Lord's Tent, and they do so accordingly. From that time on the Lord guided his people's travels.

Of Interest:
The Ten Commandments
The Burning Bush

Favorite Scripture:
Exodus Chapter 3 Verse 12
God replied, " I will be with you."

That's all for today! Tomorrow I start Leviticus.

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