Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the bird whisperer?

On Monday Mark came home from work and told me there was an abandoned baby bird in our driveway. Being the animal freak I am, I well, I freaked out. So we googled. There are lots of theories about birds and their young and blablity-blah-blah. So, we sort of combined all of the advice.

First of all, we wore gloves to rule out the widely disputed "birds will stop coming back to their young if they can smell human scent on them" theory. Then we had to catch him. ( I nicknamed him Rex.) He obviously wasn't hurt, but he couldn't really fly yet. He must have gotten lucky when he fell out of the nest!

After I caught him, Mark located his nest. Rex's mom was pretty pissed at me. She kept swooping over my head and WEEP!ing at me the whole time I was holding him. Rex just wanted some food! He kept opening his mouth!

Mark returned Rex to his nest. He was almost flogged by mama bird in the process, but Rex seemed happy enough to be back at home.

*I decided to wait on the posting to make sure Rex made it OK. I checked on him this afternoon, and he is doing well. His mama must be still feeding him. So, Ha! Take that bird theories! You can save them!

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Our Family said...

good job with baby birdie!

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