Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the ramblings of Ryan

Ryan is getting so BIG! Not only is he growing and running and playing, he is really starting to learn. He talks a lot  all the time. He says cookie, cracker, shoes, mama, hedda, unca mak (uncle Mark), grammy, numm-numm (food), brusie (for all dogs, not just bruiser) and the newest thing is SIT! (to the dogs). He's learning so quickly! He knows where the dog treats are and how to feed the dogs way too many, he knows Uncle Mark can usually be found in the office, he knows where the bathroom is and where the garbage cans are, he can blow his nose, and show you where his ears, nose and head are. He knows what's hot and whats cold. He is so smart!

He is all smiles....

He falls asleep eating... (he learned that from uncle Mark!)

He's a future DJ...

He loves to say SHOES! (and then put on any pair he can find)

(told ya)

He's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

He's my nephew. And I love him so much.

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