Monday, October 10, 2011

Mark's Little Helper

Most of you know that when Ryan comes over, we like to let him do whatever it is we are doing. If it's raining and we are inside, he like to help me cook or clean or brush the dogs. Most of the time, we are outside and he just LOVES to help Uncle Mark work on things. So far, he's helped mow, burn brush, stack up the wood pile, work on the lawnmower and countless other things. Working on the lawnmower really seems to be his favorite thing to do, though. Almost every time he comes over, he asks Mark is they are going to work on it. (Mark does side jobs working on other peoples small engines. Our lawnmower only gets its blades sharpened and routine maintenance.) Anyway, Mark wears gloves while he works and he always gives Ryan a pair of purple latex gloves to put on while he's working.

Ryan's love for gloves has gotten a little out of control. It adorable really. About a month ago, he had his first trip to the dentist. It wasn't going well. The dentist prepared to get started anyway and put on a pair of gloves. It turned the entire visit around. Ryan demanded a pair (actually, several pairs) and they gave them to him. He was a happy camper after that. : )

A week ago, my grandfather (Ryan's GREAT grandfather) was in the hospital. Ordinarily, Ryan would be super bored and probably acting out. Instead, Papaw told Holly to get him some gloves so he could "work" on him to help him get better. SO CUTE.

Further compounding his love for gloves, Mark ran to Lowes for a few items the other night when Ryan was staying over. When he returned, Ryan was in the bathtub. Mark came in and asked Ryan if he had been good while he was gone. "Yup!" Ryan replies. Mark promised him a present since he had been good and to come see him in the office when he was all clean. So we hurried the rest of the bath and went to investigate....

Ryan got a pair of "heavy duty work gloves" with Disney's Cars on them! He was over the moon and helped Uncle Mark work on all kinds of things for the remainder of the night!

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