Friday, December 7, 2012

Sawyer's Birth Story: Part 1

On Monday, December 3, 2012 at 10:13AM...Sawyer Anderson Ellis arrived into the world.

My Monday morning started at about 6AM and quickly turned into one of the most wonderful days of my life. At six, I woke up feeling slightly crampy. You know the cramps I'm talking about. The ones where you wake up and think, ah, man. I'm totally getting my period today. Yeah, those. Only, I was 37 weeks pregnant. So getting my period wasn't on the agenda. I thought it was weird, but tried to drink some water and rest to see if things would improve.

After about 10 minutes resting, I decided warm water might help. I was very uncomfortable and got into a hot bath. I had also started bleeding just the tiniest bit. I placed a call to my OB and was referred to the on call physician who was supposed to get right back with me. I also called Mark at work and put him on standby. : )

As I lay in the water, I figured I better call work and let them know what was going on, and that I might be in later. My friend Sarah advised me to take the day off and I said I would get back with her. The on call doctor got back with me, asked a few questions and we hung up. After that, I called Mark back to let him know that I wanted him to come home, that I was hurting and that the on call doctor had advised me to come on in to at least get checked. AS I waited for Mark to get home, I started throwing things in our bags. They were mostly packed, but I had to throw a few last minute items in. The problem was, I kept having this pain every 3 or 4 minutes. At no point did I ever actually consider that I might actually be in labor. Weird, I know.

When Mark got home around 8AM, he found me swinging my hips at the arm of the couch. He was able to finish packing, install the car seat on the fly and feed the dogs. Off to Parkwest we traveled. The car ride was hellish. I broke the elbow rest during a contraction and when we got close to Dutchtown Road I decided that I wanted to push. After exclaiming this to Mark, (and him advising me not to) he floored it and I was trying my best not to push. We valet parked. This literally cracks me up just thinking back to it. We pulled in right as I was having another contraction and the poor kid that opened my car door looked mortified. He asked if we were looking for the emergency room and I told him NO. I'm going to Labor and Delivery, dude. He asked me then if I wanted a wheelchair and I nodded yes. So, I guess when you look like you're about to have a baby, people get out of the way. We got an elevator to ourselves and luckily, sailed into L&D. This was about 9:30AM.

I heard a woman behind the curtain as I was literally flinging my clothes in all directions say that I looked like I was in pain...a moment later another woman, Debbie, I think, appeared and said we were about to get real personal. She checked me and said "Honey, we are having a baby. You're at 9.5 CM." I remember thinking, Well, alright then. At least I know there's a reason for all this pain! They wheeled me into a room and started trying to get things set up. The contractions were rolling over me at this point and Mark was my freaking hero. He was feeding me ice chips and reminding me to breathe. Holding my hand, holding my leg. Letting me lean on him. The man did no wrong. An angel, I tell you. Well, I still wanted to push, but my water had still not broken. My bag was bulging but no break. (OK, this is going to get graphic, but it's for my memory, and I'm not leaving anything that I can remember out, so you have been warned. ) So, my nurse Chenoa..who by the way was the other angel in this story, told me to go on and push at the next contraction, that she was going to break my water for me. What happened next I will never, ever forget. She broke my water alright. It went EVERYWHERE. It hit the wall behind her, sprayed her face, got in her hair, went all over the floor and my brand new socks. Ha. I was mortified. She also said to tell the baby nurse that there was meconium (baby poop) in my bag. I freaked (because it can get in baby's lungs when that happens), but she totally calmed me down.

After the amniotic fluid bath, my doctor casually walks in and here I am in the throws of delivery... spread eagle, sweating, hair fuzzies a mile tall and huffing and puffing. He was so casual. He got some kind of protective gear on and sat down and waited. He offered me encouragement when I needed it and was doing a few things down there that I couldn't really see. Anyway, soon after that, he said 2 more good pushes.. maybe one and he will be out. I remember dude, it's gonna be one. I pushed with all I had and Sawyer literally shot out. The doctor caught him like a football and I leaned back sighing, "Sawyer."

We reveled at this thing that we had created for quite sometime, and then decided it was time to start letting people know about our surprise arrival.

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Amanda said...

Such a sweet and funny story! Lucky you that you didn't have a 30 hour labor! It gets quite debilitating after about 6 hours or so! I'm so glad that Sawyer is here, even a little early! I need to come see him and bring your gift and cuddle him! Take Care Momma!

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