Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Call of the Wild.. and other activities

The 4th of July was as close to perfect this year as I think we can get. Mark and I, along with some great friends, spent the weekend in the woods. We set out Friday night to set up camp. We got our tents, the tiki torches, the EZ up (which wasn't so easy) and the fire pit ready. Saturday morning, we headed back down and spent two and a half days reminiscing with mother nature....

Mark and I went canoe-ing late Sunday afternoon, I think. Courtney was gracious enough to snap a picture for us. I caught one fish and his grand total for the weekend was 4. He even got "sprayed" by a catfish. What a lucky guy! Andrew brought his Kayak down and Bill brought the puddler, so while Mark was gone, Courtney and I crashed into Jeremy and Andrew up and down the lake. Ha. Good times. JT, Vanessa and Cody joined us Sunday night for fireworks.

As usual, Mark outdid himself. He had lots of help, of course, but he has really gotten pretty good at pyrotechnics. (And check out my camera skillz!) The fireworks out at his parents house may not go on as long as the ones at Kingston, however, we don't have to fight traffic, we have access to indoor plumbing, and plenty of booze. It's always a great time. After the fireworks, we headed back into the wilderness to make some 'hillbilly hamburgers' and enjoy what was left of the night. The morning after the fourth always sucks, because you have to pack up and then clean all of the fireworks out of the street- all while smelling like you haven't showered for days... Oh wait...I didn't.

It's totally worth it though. I hope your fourth of July was as great as ours.

*Sweet Emotion- Aerosmith

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