Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Call of the Wild (part deux)

What is it about not showering for three days (no really. I was RIPE.), sleeping outside, cooking over a fire and spending time with mother nature that makes me feel so good? Perhaps I'm a naturalist at heart. Wait, no. That can't be! I would have never survived without the toilet paper, my toothbrush and some deodorant. And baby wipes. OK. No, not a naturalist. I just feel so in tune now. With my mind and soul, that is. Although, my body seems to be a little upset with me... I ate S'mores for breakfast and hamburgers at midnight. I swear, I'm getting back on track.

The odd part is, when we left, I was sad. I'm already ready to go again. The weather was so perfect. Hot, breezy days and cool nights. (It was in the 60's! Perfect nighttime camping weather!) There weren't a ton of people and it was restful. I guess that's it. I feel rested. On my way to work yesterday I was thinking... 'Where is that sinking feeling I get every morning when I get on the interstate?' It never appeared. I had a great day. Today was much the same.

The best thing I can figure is that nature loves me. And I love her back.

*You Learn- Alanis Morissette

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Mike said...

Please don't post Mrak without a shirt! But I guess the warning when you sign in really takes care of that huh? lol

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