Thursday, June 2, 2011

spreading out

This work thing sure does throw a wrench into my day. I have (somewhat) settled in to my new job. I have two girls who sit to my left and a window on my right. I get the feeling that before I got there, they barely spoke to one another. That's just how I roll. This week I remembered how boring office work can be. Sure, it makes your day go by quickly- most of the time, but there really is no excitement in it at all. UNLESS YOU MAKE SOME. This must be why I feel like those girls didn't talk much before. Suddenly, they seem to be mischievous at work! Long before I got there, someone dubbed our row of cubicles "cell block A." We heard about that today and in keeping with that context, Tara, the tattooed vixen who sits on the end, promptly dubbed her self TBone, and made Katie, the girl who sits between Tara and I -who seems to be of the sweet/southern variety, her bitch. I decided to be Miss Hizzle, maker of shivs. That's quality work entertainment.

Back to my original thought. My day is much more spread out in some ways and compact in others. On the one hand, I get up much earlier and am actually earning money for the work I am doing. My day is therefore longer and more monetarily productive as well. On the other hand, because my day is longer and I'm adding a 35 to 40 minute drive each way, it seems much, much shorter. I get up, get ready for work. I work. I drive home from work. I eat and/or make dinner. I facecrack. I go to sleep.

How on earth do people find time to workout? Or spend time with their families? Or do a DIY project? Or do yard work? Or eat a meal that is totally healthy? Or live a healthier lifestyle? Or have sex? I am so friggin' tired when I get home that I barely have the energy to make dinner. Maybe I am still adjusting. I sure hope so. Because if I have to quit sex all together and feel my ass getting bigger and bigger all day long in that office chair, I'm not gonna make it. Oh, and uh, I guess I'd like to see my family some, too.

Just sayin'.

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