Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Man Brain

Mark is a romantic guy when it comes to holidays and stuff. I am more of a year round romantic with less emphasis on dates and meanings. I want it all day everyday. So, we were snuggling on the couch over the weekend and we had the following conversation...

M: How many days is it?

H: How many days until what?

M: Heather, what month is this?

H: Uh, August, right?

M: Yes.

H: (silence.)

H: (wears a look on face that screams WHAT???)

H: How many days until WHAT???

M: (grinning)

H: !!!!!!!!

M: You think about it.

(Several Hours pass)

M: Did you figure it out yet?

H: Did I figure what out yet?

M: Let me get this straight. You have already forgotten trying to remember what you couldn't remember?

H: What????

M: You know. I asked you how many days were left?

H: Oh. Yeah. No idea what you were talking about.

M: OK.

H: (sits quietly for a few minutes.) Oh! Our anniversary is this month!

M: Yes. Yes it is. Do you know how many days are left until our anniversary?

H: Hang on. I gotta get my cell phone.

M: And why is that?

H: Because that way I can look at what the date is.

M: You don't remember our anniversary date?

H: That's right. I have man brain. (searching for cell phone)

M: Hmmm... which means I have...

H: Yep. You have woman brain. (searching for anniversary date)

M: Where does this leave us??

H: As confused as ever, I suppose....OK, yeah. Our anniversary is August 19th. So that's 18 days from today.

M: Do you know what the traditional gift is for 5 years?

H: Here we go again.....

M: What? I'm just asking!

H: Well, if you're asking me because you want to know if I know it, then no....

M: And if I'm asking because I need to know it too?

H: Either way we are going to have to google it, dude.


So now, it is 16 days until my anniversary. If you didn't know, the traditional gift is wood. (The modern is a clock.) I'm sure I will try to come up with something creative...but in all honesty what I want is a night out on the town. DRESS UP edition. I wanna look super hot. I want him to look super hot. And then I want us to take our super hot selves out for some fun, get donuts at midnight, come home and watch some Squidbillies.

Love is predictable sometimes...and sometimes that's the best part.

*25 or 6 to 4- Chicago

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