Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marina: Round 1

A recent discovery: Caney Creek Marina has a really good band called The Riversharks that play there every other Friday night. They do covers that are mostly country, but they are rocked out a bit. It's good music, good food, cheap beer and something to do in Roane County. This makes it worth my while to go hear some country music. (I am not a big fan of country, in case you didn't gather that. ) One of the best parts about the band it that Jackson's dad and uncle play in it! They are a riot, let me tell you. Anyway, this wasn't the first time we went to watch them play, and certainly won't be the last, but it was one of the last things we got to do with Jackson before he left for Vegas. (We are hoping to go and see him, if we can find some cheap airline tickets. ) It will be a first time flying experience for me, and first time to Vegas for me or Mark, so keep your fingers crossed!

Here we are looking like the drunkards we are. Good times. : )

Mrak and Jack don't like photos as much as I do....

And Mark won't do anything I ask him when he's drinking draft beer. Especially pose for photos.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time. Jackson, we miss you! and hopefully, we might see you sooner, rather than later.

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