Friday, May 8, 2009


On Sunday, Holly invited Mark and I over to have dinner. She made spaghetti and decided it would be Ryan's first go with America's safety meal. the results? HILARITY. No, really. Watch a baby eat spaghetti for the first time, and it will be one of the funniest things you ever witness. We weren't crazy, but we did get prepared. We stuck a towel under the high chair to capture any "lost noodles." Click on the pictures to make them bigger, if you like. We really had so much fun!The towel should have been lain out in the opposite direction. We realized this about three seconds too late. Ryan flipped the bowl over pour the spaghetti out and then threw the bowl. He looked down and back up at us with a grin and said "uh oh.." After that he started making these "Raaaarrr" noises. I think he sounded like a dinosaur. : )

I think he liked it! He really dug in, too. He ate almost all of what Holly gave him and then played a while too. I have to say I am really proud of Holly. She didn't freak out and start cleaning him up right away, as she normally would. (Yay, sis!)

Poor thing had noodles in his diaper by the time he was done. So bath time followed quickly.

What a ham! So entertaining! Love you little man! (and PS- Ryan, if you really hate these pictures on here when you get older, just let me know. : ) Ha! )


The Nutting Family said...

So cute! We still need to try this with Grant. You are a super Auntie! When are you going to have one?

Ellis Island said...

It's gonna be a bit, I think. WE definately want kids, we just want to do a few more things before we have them. : ) I love being Aunt Hedda! I get to spoil him and then send him home!

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