Friday, August 21, 2009

estrogen levels plummeting

By birthright, women generally seek out time with one another. Some call it girl time, some call it ladies night. However you say them, these terms really only mean one thing. You need estrogen. You need to spend time with someone of the same sex and talk about things that only we, as women, can understand. Some of us need it more than others, and others need it very little. I fall into the second category.

I have never really been a "girlie girl." Pink isn't my favorite color, I am not fond of shopping and I have never ordered a Cosmo while wearing Louis Vuitton. That just isn't me. I am your average jeans and henley kind of girl. I like a good beer and bowling on a Saturday night. Sadly, being this kind of girl doesn't excuse me from a good dose estrogen every now and then. The problem is, I don't really have that many girlfriends. I'm not really complaining, but when you need a little girl time, you can't sub in with a dude. It JUST DOESN'T WORK.

I have tried countless times with the girlfriends I have that are close, but several of them have kids and a lot of them "aren't in a place right now where they can give up one afternoon a month to just hang." WTF? Sorry ladies, if that's rude, but really? You should be flippin' ashamed! Not because I will be left out alone on ladies night. Oh, no. Because you should do it for yourself. It's important! (OK, and for me too. Picture my sad face, if that helps. )

Anyway, here is my ad for lady friends. Oh the shame!....

Married Chick, seeking 3 or 4 other chicks (of any variety) to have intelligent conversation, dinner and the occasional chick flick or chick lit discussion. I am looking for smart ladies who can be grown-ups and who have an open mind about the world. Must like bad 80's music, and dance terribly. Tomboys are encouraged to apply. Is this you? Please respond Here.

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