Monday, August 3, 2009

Marching to the beat of better drums

Ooooohhh.. Drum Corps International. Oooohhh... : )

On July 24, Mark and I took Jackson to his very first DCI show at MTSU. We hadn't been in years, and because we are GEEKS, we decided to take Jackson and educate him. Well, it's not like we drugged and dragged him to the music games, but we did gently nudge him to come with us, and so he did.

We had a great time seeing some of our old favorites playing again. We missed a few important Corps, but overall, the show was pretty great. In case you don't know what DCI is, it stands for Drum Corps International. These "kids" ages 18-28, (I believe) spend their summers perfecting a Marching Band Show and performing all over the country and Canada. The only instruments on the field are brass and percussion. The color guard uses not only flags, but rifles and sabres. It's LOUD! Believe me when I say, you never seen anything like this. Imagine all the kids from your Alma Mater's band. Got it? OK, now make them really good. And tan. And buff. And loud. These Corps are the best of the best.

They sleep in high school gyms and use the schools' fields to practice when they travel. This level of music takes dedication and serious commitment! They wake early, and do calisthenics and run their shows. Over and over again.

This year, I really happened to like Phantom Regiment, (who impressed me in the past when they were a much smaller corps) and their show was from the Red Violin. Beautiful, moving and classic. Just the way I like it.
*As a side note, I tried to publish footage, but no dice. You'll just have to settle for pictures.
: )

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