Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whazzzz Hapeneeeen'

As I said recently, I would get back to you on what's been going on with me. Well, friends, there's a lot.

First and foremost, we have company. Our company is staying for a while, and really that's all that can be said about that. It's a good thing, it's just taken about a month to get into some sort of routine. Things are pretty good on the home front....or as good as they can be at the moment. : D

Onto things I can discuss openly. The CATS. We are finally getting somewhere with our neighbors and their cat population. After writing several letters and emails, various phone calls and complaints, the police finally came and did a welfare check. They are supposed to be setting traps for the feral ones and our neighbors were given 30 days to clean their property up. (Seriously, it's like hoarders over there.) Hopefully, the smell will subside and I'll stop sneezing.

Beth is doing so much better! Since I last updated on the crash at the shop, she graduated from the walker to a cane and is now able to hobble around a little without it. It's so good to see her mobile again! She and I have made several "trips" to the store and to other places just to get her out of the house and I really think it's been great for her. I don't get to see Amy, Retha or Dee too often, but talking with them via facebook and texting, I get the feeling each of them is on the mend- which makes my heart sing.

Photos. Ha. This is pretty funny. I haven't posted a photo in about a month, but I have gotten serious about photography. (ironic, no?) Holly has an AWESOME Canon Rebel she's letting me use and Beth bought me a digital photography book set and I read the first one in about two days. I've been practicing, even getting up before sunrise one day to try and capture some wildlife.  My camera battery died after about 7 shots, but I did get one sort of good picture, so I'm happy with that. I'm a rookie, though. I won't make the same mistake with forgetting to charge the battery again before a sunrise shoot! Hopefully I can put a few pictures up soon so we can all map my progress. -That's what you're here for right?  : D

Family affairs....My grandfather went into the hospital about a week ago. He's now home and on the mend, but I'm still awfully worried about him. He and I are supposed to go visit his birthplace next week, so I'm excited for that. It will also mark another thing off of my 100things list! My grandmother is losing her mind. Don't laugh. I mean that literally. She's forgetting things and our family is taking steps to make sure they are checked in on- by one of us- daily. The way I see it: 87 years is a lot to sometimes it's hard to remember you're baking brownies or cheese toast. Mark's dad is doing better. Hopefully he will be able to return to work on light duty soon. Rotator Cuff surgery is not for the faint hearted, that's all I'll say. I am glad he's doing better. Mark I went 2 weeks ago and cleaned out the garage for them. We are hoping to store our boat there this winter. Fingers crossed that it fits.

Mark is the busiest man alive. If you are his friend and haven't seen him, don't feel hurt. He's working some MAD hours at work, supporting me and our company, and trying hard to take care of his parents and everyone else. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I'm incredibly proud of him, and to be his wife. Just to get to share in some of his good doings makes my heart swell with pride. He's my world.

Animals. About a week ago, another set of our neighbors had some issues with their dog. I hopped the fence trying to get a closer look and fearing I would get bit, I had to hop back over. I managed to track down the man of the house at his job (it's a long story) and he was able to get home to her. Two days later, he and his wife came by to thank me for "going out of my way" and tracking them down. The dog was very old and had to be put down. It broke my heart, but I am glad I was able to find him so she didn't suffer all day long. That was a tough afternoon. ...........Our animals are driving me bonkers. Magoo has an itch. One he scratches all night looooooooooooong. I'm going to start him on some Benadryl, like the vet suggested and see if that helps. Bruiser has taken up residence in our bed. I'm not sure if she's sensing tension with everything Mark and I have been dealing with, but she's always been a bit of a mother hen when any one's sick and now she's trying to sleep between Mark and I - just to make sure we're OK and still breathing, I guess. : D   Saber is getting older and I am starting to worry about her health more. She sleeps a lot and can most often be found under my feet (sleeping) or downstairs on her bed (sleeping) or laying out on the porch in the sun...(you get the idea). She seems happy enough though.

Work status. Currently, I am not working. It's a luxury few can afford in these hard economic times, yet somehow I am still not doing it. Just before the wreck happened at the shop, Mark told me I could quit working. I was also working part time at the Movie and Suntan Station. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but when the wreck happened, I didn't have much choice. I had no place left to massage, and I wanted to help take care of my friends. Decision made, I guess. I HAVE been thinking about what I want to do, and I am (again) thinking about going back to school. I like massage, but people are karma vampires. They can literally suck the happiness out of you. I am very seriously thinking about getting in to the animal field, I'm just not sure yet what I want to do within it. It remains to be seen, I guess.

Aside from all that, I've just been working on me, really. I am sleeping better, but not like normal. I still worry over petty things constantly and I want to make some changes in my life....I'm just not sure where to start. I've been trying to let God lead me, but it's not always easy. As long as I keep trying, I guess that's all that matters, right? I'm thinking yes. So, I'm picking up my running shoes (again) and my camera (as usual) and I'm heading out into the world. I might not always have a smile on, but I am always working towards one.

Happiest of days to you, friends.

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