Monday, December 12, 2011

New in Hunting

This hunting season has been a slow one. I have managed to get some awesome pictures and I also got to visit Johnson Bottoms and hunt in a new place. The season may have been slow, but we haven't lacked in the fun department. The weekend Before Thanksgiving, we went out to dress the blind. You have to redo it every year, and it's always blood and sweat. No tears, unless you get sweat in your eyes. Mark and Bill hunted at Johnson Bottoms the first weekend. It's part of the TWRA Blind drawing on the Hiawassee Refuge. I couldn't go the first weekend. (Only for to a blind, I was the odd girl out.) The second weekend we went to our blind, and last weekend I finally got to road trip, too! 4AM came early. It's a long drive down there!

Scout had a great time down at Johnson Bottoms. She is much improved since last year! : )

The week before we went to Johnson Bottoms was quite eventful. At the start of the morning, we forgot Marks gun. So, we were running a little behind (which I hate!). We agreed to meet Bill at the boat ramp. We got the gear loaded into the boat and took off. AS we were pulling up to the bank, Bill was telling us where to go and what to do. I stepped out of the boat and grabbed some gear. My hip boots somehow got stuck in the mud.....I ended up going for a swim. Let me tell you. The Clinch is cold in the summertime. At 6:15AM in November? It's EFFING COLD. Bill fished me out of the water. Luckily I only fell in a couple of inches of water. My butt was soaked and the water ran down into my hip boots, soaking my pants and socks, too! Awesome! Bill asked me right then did I want to go home. My pride and ego slightly bruised, I firmly said No, Sir. Mark and I headed up to the blind where we surveyed the damage. There I stood.. naked from the ass down in the duck blind. (I wish I had put that on my list of 100 things I want to do, it would have been marked off with force that day!) He pulled off his waders and gave me his extra pants he was wearing. For some reason he had an extra set of socks in his blind bag. The bottom of the back of my shirts were a little wet, but we had nothing else to put in me so I just lived with it. I wrapped up in a coat and asked Mark for a minute to myself. I counted my many blessings...named them one by one. A while later we used a plastic bag from somewhere and sandwich bags our breakfast was wrapped in to put over the socks (and gloves covering my feet so I could put the waders back on to stand up.


Here's what I looked like after we got back to the boat ramp. Check out those wet clothes I'm holding!

Yes. I stayed the whole day. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. It also gives us something to laugh about. I won't lie. It also keeps the guys from thinking women shouldn't be in the blind...not that the two guys I hunt with would ever think that...but I get total street cred.  : )

*I'm Still In Love With You- Al Green

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