Monday, March 15, 2010

The diet

It hasn't been hell, like I thought it would. I would like anyone who cares to know, that there is a Milky Way in my fridge. The said Milky Way has been there for over an eternity  2 weeks. Talk about will power!

Mark and I embarked on the South Beach Diet two weeks ago, and I am proud to announce that our combined weight loss totals 24 pounds. In two weeks. Saying I'm proud of us hardly covers it. I think Mark is only on the diet because I am, and that is terrific moral support, though he said he wanted to lose weight as well. Phase 1 of the diet is a lot like Atkins. You eat lean meats, lots of veggies and no carbs. You do this for two weeks and then move on to phase 2, which is where we are now. You carbs are still extremely limited, but you can have a few treats like fat-free, sugar-free pudding (which sounds gross, but is actually really good) and popcorn (hoorah!) and a few fruits. We have entered phase 2 and will stay in that phase until we reach our goal weight. Mark is close to his, but I still have a way to go. When you reach your goal weight you enter phase 3, which is where you stay until you get fat again  forever.

I am also going to start at a gym....(in keeping my with my resolution) I think this will help me stay motivated on my diet and besides that, I really miss running. So for now, I am 11 pounds lighter with a goal in front of me. Wish me luck, and feel free to stop by and keep my ass in check with the exercising.


Cassie Farmer said...

So happy for you! Keep it up, girl. Talk dirty to that Milky Way...and if he gets to you, set him on fire.

Talia said...

Woo hoo that is awesome. I used to do a south beach-like diet from a personal trainer friend. It was a lot like phase three. It was okay but hell to prepare... lots of planning! you are inspiring me to get back on it!!

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