Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I didn't leave you, but I have been working on my 100 things list this past month. It's kept me busy.

We have started remodeling our downstairs bath. Mark has done the most work, but I have helped enough to say that I HAVE HELPED. I've done drywall, which included a fit where I broke down because I had to do math for the first time in I don't know how long, and sawing, plumbing painting, sanding, mudding, removal of old ass UGLY  festive border, I pulled an old shower out, helped build and out in a new base for the new one.

Like I said, I've been busy. Remodeling my bathroom was on my list because I suck at carpentry and anything else that involves math. I tend to really freak out when I am asked to solve for anything. I remember in third grade- Mrs. Smith asked me to come to the board and fill out times tables. I very nearly freaked out and wet my pants. I was paralyzed by my fear of numbers. Mark asking me to measure the drywall and asking me to cut a strip of it for the sealing nearly sent me into orbit, which is basically the same for an adult as peeing yourself in a third grade classroom would be for a child. (Just to be clear here, I didn't actually pee myself in the third grade. At least not in class.) Anyway, after two attemptes, I finally got it and I am so proud of myself. You'd think I won a prize for Mathematics or something, but no, just a little carpentry by yours truly.

The bathroom isn't completely finished yet, so, I will bold it up in the 100 things column when it is. Stay tuned for pictures!

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Cassie Farmer said...

Mrs. Smith was a bitch anyway.

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