Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gator Hater

 So..yeah. Florida beat Tennessee last weekend. We thought we had a fighting chance -as you can see in the first picture. We were pretty stoked. There was a bunch of booing and some bad plays, but I wouldn't take back seeing us play Florida in the flesh for anything. I had a blast. And I drank during the game. Ha! I snuck vodka in via my panties. Laugh if you want, but we were on a time constraint and couldn't get our groove on before the game. I improvised, OK? When I got into the bathroom to take the booze out, I dropped one little airplane bottle and there it tumbled across the floor. I sat there (slightly mortified) and thought, Oh well. That was, until someone rolled it back under the stall saying "I think you dropped this..." HA! So I stayed in the bathroom for about 10 minutes hoping anyone who might have seen it would have left. : ) By the end of the game I was pretty pissed, but in that my team just couldn't pull it off kind of way. See my face? I was in the middle of cussing out a ref when Mark captured that lil' beauty. It might make the wall of shame.

Still love my team, though. Go VOLS!

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