Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mark!

So.... on September 8, Mark turned 29! Happy belated, my love! We did manage to celebrate, even though he was working the prdi stand last week and he was exhausted that day when he got home. His parents, Bill and Beth and myself got him a new grill for his birthday. He was awake enough to go and pick it up on his actual birthday, but not awake enough to use it that night. We did, however, play several hands of Yahtzee. : )

The man chose surf and turf to christen the grill and it was delicious. We also did baked potatoes and grilled peppers with onions. Those baked potatoes were so good. I haven't had one since the first of the year, I think? Totally worth the carbs, my friends. So... lobster, steak, potatoes, peppers and onions? So fracking good. And he LOVES the grill.

Happy Birthday, baby!

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