Friday, May 13, 2011

explosion and perspective

I had grand intentions of firing off part of this post yesterday, but blogger was down and it made me feel Freeeee!!!!!! So, even when it came back on this afternoon, I forgot to blog. Oops. This one is important to me, and so much better late than never.

First. Yesterday, Mark and I had an argument. See? We are actually normal people who don't want to suck face all day long and have our own moments of marital skirmish. : ) On his way home from work yesterday, Mark called me and was going on about how he was going to get this wood chipper from a friend. Great! He told me about how he planned to do it and even though I was thinking there were better things we could do with the money he would use to buy it, I was happy that he was happy.... The conversation then moved to what our plans were for last night. I asked him would he go with me to a band concert at our high school Alma Mater IF we got done mowing early enough. He exploded on me, wondering why I was changing our plans...BLAH BLAH BLAH... When I told him I was disappointed, he asked why was I so mad and what do you know, 3 seconds later, he hung up on me.

I'd like to interject at this point that Mark is a wonderful husband. He truly is, but he knows what buttons to push when he is mad. My ULTIMATE pet peeve is being hung up on. It's rude and hurts my feelings. Two things I do NOT tolerate.

 So, when he got home, I had already changed into shorts and a t-shirt and had my ipod in trying to start the mower. (With no luck, dammit. WHY, WHY must mechanical things always fail me when I am in the middle of an argument? -Wait, that's got to be a God thing. God must have wanted us to kiss and make up.) Anyway, he walks out into the back yard and looks at me, gesturing that he wants to talk. With enormous effort, I pulled my earphones out and in my sassiest, southern, pissed off voice, said: "OH! Now you wanna talk to me?" Yeah, total bitch baby.

Of course we ended up working it out. We always do, because that's just us. He also fixed the mower. (The spark plug was uncovered. Dammit.) We finished the yard and our elderly neighbors walked over to the fence row and invited us over for beers. We gladly accepted because they are awesome! This is the first time in five years that we've had anything more than a few fence row chats or a few laughs. Can I just say that these two people are wonderful? They entertained us with tales from their early life as a young married couple. We also learned the MR. had been to jail and that Mrs. had gone and bailed him out. (He had been caught with moonshine in his vehicle...which might not have been as bad if he hadn't been sipping it on the way home!) The entire time they talked, they were holding hands and laughing and I realized something.... 56 years of marriage is a lot to celebrate. There were ups and downs good times and bad times, but they made it. They're STILL making it!  And in today's day and age, that's really saying something. So, I'm celebrating my argument. I'm also hoping that in 49 years or so, Mark and I will be grey and wrinkled and that I'll be telling some silly young couple (without even knowing it) to celebrate it all.

*Jessie's Girl: Rick Springfield

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