Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mamas I Love...

Here I am with Mark's mama, the sweetest mother in law on the face of the planet. She always knows how to make me laugh and is an expert in southern cooking and flower planting. I love her very much. : )

Here is my sis... She is a great mother to my sweet nephew, Ryan. She is my go to girl for all things fashion and family oriented. I admire her many, many talents. I'm lucky to have her in my life..

Here is my grandmother. I idolize her for her kindness and charm. She also happens to be the blue ribbon winner of lace cookies, hugs and iced tea. She has a wild flower garden that she has kept up for over 50 years that would break your heart. I love her so, so much.

And then there is MY mama. She has compassion and grace. She knows the proper way to say things and her love of God is truly inspiring. I admire her strength and charisma. She makes a MEAN Beef Stew and is in love with her grandson...I love her...

Happy Mother's Day to all of my favorite mamas... and to all of you mamas who are reading this....Enjoy your day!

*Open Arms- Journey

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